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  1. Try to squeeze a little more out of your neighbor, but 350 is good for that sign in that condition.
  2. Chris, your sign was used on a Seloil oil cabinet, which were usually on the pump island to display quart oil cans.
  3. 22nd Annual Collectors Show, Sunday March 29, 2020 8 AM-1 PM , Free admission Pompton Lakes Elks , 1 Perrin Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442 Featuring Automobilia, Petroliana, license plates, car culture memorabilia, vintage advertising signs, gas station stuff, country store antiques, old toys, garage art, hot rod and racing collectibles, rec room décor, coin operated machines, and more fun stuff. Indoor/outdoor vendors, show is on rain or shine.
  4. Doorbell at 2339 Meadow may be getting some action.
  5. Thanks Larry I will check it out.
  6. This was identified to me as Cadillac. Anyone recognize it/ID model? Was made into hanging light but could be brought back. Thanks.
  7. What car is it from? About 17" x 5 1/2". Thanks.