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  1. Yes Walt , that is my late friend Georges Packard at his Shell station in Hillsdale, NJ.
  2. 20 bucks to a Chevy guy, not worth the tetanus risk to most.
  3. Yes Bill, frustrating to see all the anti USPS posts, even from outside the US, that are not true.
  4. Avoid feebay completely. Totally overrun by fake signs listed by unscrupulous sellers who know it, as well as sellers who are peddling them and don't know it, because they were hoodwinked too.
  5. Hi Steve and all, USPS has many issues, some internal, some not. Way too involved to explain in brief here. But, 1. False 2. True 3. False 4.questionable 5. True
  6. These showed up at my doorstep. Nothing exciting, but you never know with these "care packages ".
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