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  1. Hi Jeff, It is a one piece fold out brochure printed on stiffer stock than the norm. I wish condition was nicer but that's how I got it. 1) Model 54 Springfield 3000-3550 2) Model 54 Landaulet 3300-3550 3) Light Six 7 passenger touring 3300 4) Model 6-48 Brougham 6000 Only date on piece is 1915 on cover. Thanks for looking. As I dig through more paper, I'll keep an eye out for Peerless and post here.
  2. $5.00 each plus postage or offer on whole lot. Located in North Jersey.
  3. I think all the items should stay together. $100.00 postpaid USA for all.
  4. Also, when I went to check for date, I found another booklet (rough, no covers), I think c.1923.
  5. Great idea for a thread Walt. Nice signs posted so far guys. As a lifelong collector of automobilia and petroliana, I will certainly appreciate seeing what cool things get posted. Here are two pieces I recently picked up from the family of the original dealer. It is always cool to get the history of the piece, and the provenance plus photographs help prove the item is the real Mc Coy. As serious collectors know, the hobby has been totally flooded with fake recently manufactured signs (and cans, license plates, plate toppers, globes, fobs, and so much more). Please be careful obtaining items for your collections. If in doubt please contact me or someone else to discuss authenticity. PS I don't remember exact measurements but they are about 3'X5'.
  6. $100.00 postpaid USA for all items pictured in thread.