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  1. We did a early ST-400 from a Riv years back. Shift quad was like a PG, PRNDL. It was a three speed unit but only two speed selection. Regular T-400 gasket kit took care of every thing but the valve body. It was the only one I've ever seen like it. We reassembled it with out VB gaskets, ran a DA over the seperator plate both sides on a granite block. Worked well on the dyno, customer paid and left and never saw it again. It was a bench job and we never saw the car, but it was a supposed to be a 64 Riv. It was not a variable pitch. The picture posted is a Buick but the pump is a late model 6 bolt type. When dealing with a VP you have to be very careful of pump, forward drum and torque converter configurations. It's easy to get lost doing one of them with out a trans dyno, we have been challenged by them over the years, however they are a neat piece and really wake up a heavy torquey car.
  2. All good information but the success of the effort may depend on the skill of the carpenter building the shipping container. Fortunately the valve covers were the only casulty of this poor preperation.
  3. Great report. We have taken a few similar trips in our vintage Wanderlodge so the lunch/bathroom breaks aren't a problem. However as with all restored vehicles the relability issue has visited us from time to time. Our last years trip following the Oregon trail, significance of the tractor engine is it's the same as the one in the Wanderlodge. Out back pics from the Burns OR/Steens Mountain area.
  5. There is a lot of good in OR, if you stay away from the coast.
  6. I suspect that Pacer glass and bumper might be interesting to a nash guy, maybe. Maybe not.
  7. Intresting project. Had a couple of 60 Prinz's in late 60's. 583 two banger, hemi head, pistons stoked together, fired alternately, got 40 mpg on the road @ 60 mph. V-dub engine will make it feel like a real hot rod, compared to that original engine. You got a pretty rare micro car there.