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  1. Very nice Bob, you give me hope!!! Mine is in way worse shape that yours. I hope that people like you and other here can help me bring this rot bucket back alive. Thanks Prasad
  2. Ok, after speaking to 4 different departments of the Secretary of State, I was give a number to call and have an officer come out and verify the numbers on the vehicle. They will assign a tag for the body to match the number on the title. This way, even if I change the motor which I have to anyway because the block is cracked, the title will always match the car. I can't seem to get a hold of any one at the district that my county belongs to right now. I just hope that after the holidays someone will answer the phone. You guys have a Happy New Year and may God bless you all. Thanks for all the
  3. Thank you, that's what I am going to have to do. Prasad
  4. Yep I found it last night. It is indeed the numbers of the engine block. After talking with David Tacheny, he told me to look on the Engine block and I found it. Thanks for the Reply!! Prasad
  5. I also want to add the fact that; I think the car was blue at one point but now its black and rusty<O:p <O:p So, guys what do I have here a car with a wrong title? How can I check to make sure the car is not stolen? The car came from WI and I am in IL. The car has an IL title that was issued back in 1970 I believe. According to the guy that I bought from is willing to give me my money back and just part it out.<O:p <O:p Only cool thing I see on this car is it has dual side mounts and complete except one of the sign is missing. I have pics and I will try to post them tomorrow. Thank
  6. I bought this 1937 Buick Century few weeks back. The car is a basket case to say the least. I always liked the 1937-1938 Buicks and I want to stuff a Buick Grand National power train in it. This car has a lot of rust the engine block is cracked and few things are missing but it is 95 percent complete. What's missing are the lights and trims mainly. My plan is to use a G body frame 1981-1987 Regal frame I can deal with all these things so far. <O:p Now the major issue, well I think it is for anyone. I have a title for a 1937 Buick but it doesn't match with any numbers on the vehicle.<O:p
  7. Thanks!! I looked at the 1937 Buick's wheelbase and it's 122" and the G body frame is 108.1..... so If I extend the the G body frame 13.9" in the middle would it work?. I also noticed that the 1937 frame is some what straight where the G body frame is no so much on both ends. I guess I have long road ahead of me. Thanks Prasad
  8. Hello guys, my name is Prasad..... I am in the process of acquiring a 1937 Buick Special. She is in very rough shape(rust) but 90% of it is still there. It has the original straight 8 in it however, the block is cracked and she has been sitting since 1967. My goal is to bring this beauty back alive with a modern twist. I am heavy into Buick Grand Nationals and I would like to stuff a 600 to 800Hp turbo charged V6 set up in it. I have all the parts I need for that aspect. Now that being said I have no clue about the 1937 Buick. I would like to set the car up on a G body frame ( if that is even
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