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  1. Some test fitting pictures of the prototype part. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the proto part hitting the intake manifold. I'm sure that Asa (acannell) and I can overcome this. Afterall, this is what prototype parts are for!! Pictures of the housing mounted on a complete 16v engine: Pictures of the housing mounted to a bare 16v cylinder head (fits great!)
  2. I've recieved the prototype part and have done some test fitting. First, I installed it onto a bare cylinder head and it fit great! The odd rhombus shape of the O-ring'd flange where it bolts up to the cylinder head fit very nicely. However, after attempting to test fit the part onto a complete engine, I found there is a clearance issue between the bottom of the thermostat housing and the intake manifold. Working to correct this now with some slight changes to the design. Getting close!
  3. You know you want one!! Get in now, because these probably won't be available ever again unless another Group Buy comes up (seriously doubtful). Price is not bad at all considering the awesome piece of billet aluminum you'll get with some seriously awesome CNC work to boot.
  4. Group buy thread here (turbo-mopar.com) http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/showthread.php?73829-Masi-thermostat-box-GROUP-BUY&p=1026121#post1026121 Quick rundown of info --- Housings $145 a piece, need to get to 10 which shouldn't take too long. I'm in for two myself.
  5. Group Buy thread here (turbododge.com): Masi thermostat box GROUP BUY
  6. Great, I know I will be buying at least two of these if/when they become available. Like I said earlier though, we are still in the early development stage though. A couple questions for you guys running 16v... Are there any other tight clearances aside from the close proximity of the bottom of the thermostat housing to the intake manifold? I've looked at the stock motor I have out in the garage and it doesn't appear so. What do you guys think about deleting the blind 3/8" port on the side of the housing next to the larger heater hose port? Are there any features or changes anybody else has in
  7. Hi folks, this is a feeler/interest thread regarding the thermostat housing for the 2.2L 16v engine. Some of you 16v owners may know that the radiator hose outlet piece (that attaches to the thermostat housing) was remade in CNC billet a while back. This was great because it addressed the corrosion issues with the stock piece and likely kept a lot of engines running without fear of coolant leaks. It also provided those that didn't have this part for a 16v build a way around the unavailability of the stock part. I have found somebody that is serious about recreating the main body of the thermos
  8. Weekly bump! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their fellow 16v enthusiats!!
  9. Haha awesome! (edit) actually Chris, I ordered four....put two orders in like you said.
  10. I previously said I wanted two, but I'll up it to four Chris...
  11. So are we getting anywhere closer to the realm of possibility? I REALLY want these.
  12. This really makes me wonder what else I have missed out on since I am sorta new to this motor. I remember a while back when Todd had the group buy going for the adjustable cam sprockets and at the time I never thought I'd even see one of these motors let alone be building one.
  13. The Buy-It-Now was $500 and I think shipping was $125. I got it from Yamato Engine or something like that and they are up in the NW by Vancouver or something. The person that listed the auction incorrectly assumed it was the other factory 2.2L DOHC motor, the 'Turbo III' which used a Lotus head. They are sorta rare but nothing like the Masi TC DOHC stuff, not even close. But yeah it was a long block so it included the block with fully counterweighted and forged crank shaft, massive Casar rods, forged Mahle pistons with the biggest dish I have ever seen, and the cylinder head still attached wit
  14. Hey Alan, yeah it's about time I guess. Ever since Shelgame posted this thread over on turbo-mopar.com Turbo Mopar Forums I think I hit the buy it now button a couple minutes after the thread was first posted! The long block turned out to be pretty rough and extremely dirty from storage, but the core parts all look OK. I haven't wanted to say anything about it publicly since it's still a few light years from actually running again. But, if I never tell anybody I have it then I'll probably never find the parts to finish it either! So far, Todd (4 L-bodies) has been helping me with Masi educatio
  15. I would buy two if they come with the spark plug tube seals Alan mentioned. Of course I'd love to have a valve cover for this cylinder head too but I haven't even found that yet. Maybe then I will buy some 16v wires from TU too...
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