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  1. Some test fitting pictures of the prototype part. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the proto part hitting the intake manifold. I'm sure that Asa (acannell) and I can overcome this. Afterall, this is what prototype parts are for!! Pictures of the housing mounted on a complete 16v engine: Pictures of the housing mounted to a bare 16v cylinder head (fits great!)
  2. I've recieved the prototype part and have done some test fitting. First, I installed it onto a bare cylinder head and it fit great! The odd rhombus shape of the O-ring'd flange where it bolts up to the cylinder head fit very nicely. However, after attempting to test fit the part onto a complete engine, I found there is a clearance issue between the bottom of the thermostat housing and the intake manifold. Working to correct this now with some slight changes to the design. Getting close!
  3. You know you want one!! Get in now, because these probably won't be available ever again unless another Group Buy comes up (seriously doubtful). Price is not bad at all considering the awesome piece of billet aluminum you'll get with some seriously awesome CNC work to boot.
  4. I have been able to find a variety of capacities at the local NAPA, although I can't say for sure the AWG range. They have it in the local store on a spinning rack with other wiring. I will visit there soon and see what I find with part numbers. I just recently went there to replace a burnt fuse link for the radiator fan on a Spirit R/T and was able to find the correct size (albeit a different color than stock) Here is a link to Russ Knize's MiniMopar site that has more info on fuse links for these vehicles. It is 4-cylinder centric, but some of the info should apply to a v6 vehicle as well. http://www.minimopar.net/electrical-links.html
  5. Group buy thread here (turbo-mopar.com) http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/showthread.php?73829-Masi-thermostat-box-GROUP-BUY&p=1026121#post1026121 Quick rundown of info --- Housings $145 a piece, need to get to 10 which shouldn't take too long. I'm in for two myself.
  6. Group Buy thread here (turbododge.com): Masi thermostat box GROUP BUY
  7. Great, I know I will be buying at least two of these if/when they become available. Like I said earlier though, we are still in the early development stage though. A couple questions for you guys running 16v... Are there any other tight clearances aside from the close proximity of the bottom of the thermostat housing to the intake manifold? I've looked at the stock motor I have out in the garage and it doesn't appear so. What do you guys think about deleting the blind 3/8" port on the side of the housing next to the larger heater hose port? Are there any features or changes anybody else has in mind? Just so you all know, the bleeder fitting on the top side of the housing will be retained. It almost assuredly be compatible with the stock radiator hose outlet or the billet one made by lengel, and have provision for the heater hose. Me personally, I would just be happy to have a billet aluminum copy of the stock housing, but would be OK with deleting the blind 3/8" port (don't see the use of it anyhow). The developer has the stock housing that I sent to him and is now exploring what can be improved upon over the stock unit.
  8. Hi folks, this is a feeler/interest thread regarding the thermostat housing for the 2.2L 16v engine. Some of you 16v owners may know that the radiator hose outlet piece (that attaches to the thermostat housing) was remade in CNC billet a while back. This was great because it addressed the corrosion issues with the stock piece and likely kept a lot of engines running without fear of coolant leaks. It also provided those that didn't have this part for a 16v build a way around the unavailability of the stock part. I have found somebody that is serious about recreating the main body of the thermostat housing in CNC billet aluminum. This would be a replacement for the stock cast aluminum part that attaches to the 16v cylinder head. For those of you with corroded housings, or a 16v build you are working on that happens to be missing one, NOW is the time to speak up! I myself have two engines here that unfortunately didn't come with thermostat housings. The end product will most likely be a direct replacement to the stock piece, stronger and more corrosion resistant, and possibly provide a better under hood aesthetic look. There are development threads going on at the other forums (T-M.com and TD.com) regarding this and I will be sending a stock thermostat housing to the developer in order for this to move forward. Fire away with your thoughts on this. We are still in the initial stages of this becoming available but obviously the more people that want in on this, the better.
  9. Weekly bump! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their fellow 16v enthusiats!!
  10. Haha awesome! (edit) actually Chris, I ordered four....put two orders in like you said.
  11. It sounds to me like the engine spit a spark plug out. I had that happen on my Shelby Lancer (TII), and it was loud as hell and made the car shake bad and sound like a helicopter! Unfortunately it took the threads in the head with it, so I couldn't even install a new plug. I did use spark plug repair kit from NAPA which entailed drilling/tapping for a threaded insert and that worked great. Was the noise you are hearing from the broken plug, from the piston hitting the plug, or some other noise like bearing failure? I would be surprised to hear the piston hit the spark plug considering the dish on those pistons are really deep. As far as replacement parts, the only really hard to find parts are going to be the rod bearings although I've heard Rick Diogo has them.
  12. NTK is the supplier for Mopar, at least for the last several that I have bought. You can get NTK O2 sensor at http://www.sparkplugs.com
  13. I previously said I wanted two, but I'll up it to four Chris...
  14. So are we getting anywhere closer to the realm of possibility? I REALLY want these.
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