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  1. Mrtechnologist2u, For future reference. A locksmith told me that photocopying keys is an excellent way to get a new set reproduced, I imagine photocopying both sides is important. I recommend keeping the images in a secure spot.
  2. John, Your welcome. I do not see much similarity. The pan on my car looks to be of one piece and without beads. John M.
  3. John, Hopefully this bit of information is of use, from my '37 D5 Sedan. I don't know if this is original or if the Coupe and the Sedan are similar. John M.
  4. John, Hopefully this bit of information is of use, from my '37 D5 Sedan. I don't know if this is original or if the Coupe and Sedan had similar pans. John
  5. How about resting the body on a platform. Then attach your straps to that platform and lift.
  6. Regarding the difficulty in shifting, take a look at the clutch pedal bushings. The problem described with shifting sounds eerily familiar, with my '92 Bronco. The brake and clutch pedal arms rotate about a common shaft, on either end of this shaft are plastic bushings. Any lateral or longitudinal play in this shaft will manifest itself as problems with shifting. I recommend, with the engine off and the parking brake set, to depress the clutch pedal by hand. Take note of the shaft (in particular to the far right looking forward), if excessive lateral or longitudinal play either the plastic bushings have been compromised and/or the nut on the right side (looking forward) has backed out.
  7. Single recommendation. Unless the original specification for the car had a mix of SI and English units, convert displacement in Liters to Cubic Inches.
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm several months away from any major work on restoring my '37 D5 but have started on locating replacements for those parts missing, one being trim, sometimes trying my hand at recreating parts. Attached are three images; 1) Region just forward of front door, absent the four inch section of trim, 2) Top side of donor trim, end. 3) Bottom side of donor trim, end. Would anyone happen to know what tooling or method was/is used to terminate the trim? The trim I have as a donor is about three feet long so some experimentation is possible. At first glance it appears some sort of "Guillotine" versus a scissor type cutter was used. I'm thinking that the cut with scissors/shears would be unsymmetric about the center bead. With any type of cutter I worry about crushing the trim away from the end, perhaps pre-loading it with sand would prevent crushing. Thank you in advance.
  9. For everyone's information, another truck for sale (no affiliation). Advertised as a 1947 truck, craigslist posting below. The link would make one think it is located in Stockton Calif. but the truck is actually located in Acampo Calif, not too far from Stockton. Gentlemen measured 113" between axles (Could be 116") , 7.5x20's on the rear, 7.0x20's on the front, engine might be frozen (don't know if it was in gear when checked). The photo in the Craigslist posting is dated, I believe a friend of the seller acquired some parts, no specifics). https://stockton.craigslist.org/pts/6074386878.html
  10. Asking price was $150, included transmission, drive shaft, and I believe the axle.
  11. Thank you Dave. For everyone's information here is the link to the engine. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/5996747867.html
  12. Hello All, Would you please help me identify specifics on this engine (Displacement, Block Length etc..), "T30ox9----"? The attached photo is of the engine in question. I've been told it came out of a 1946 pickup. I'm thinking of putting it in my 1947 WH-47 as its replacement engine (T118..) is locked up. Thank you. John
  13. Here are a few more thoughts; Perhaps the poster predates 1937 (A vision in 1936 as to the 1937 model), perhaps made up to appeal to either a younger generation (the ones that are now 99 or so) or a different culture.
  14. Taylormade, Just a thought. In regard to an alternate method of locating TDC; why not target the cylinder that is at BDC when #1 is at TDC, hunt for the bottom? John
  15. Thank you. I guess I need to update my birth certificate, to yesterdays date.
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