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  1. Sorry Trucker460 I think you are the same person I already contacted via email. Jon
  2. Hi Trucker460, here is my email ketronj@bgsu.edu, I am intrested, please send pictures if possible, thanks. Jon
  3. Thanks for your help guys the deal was worse than I thought way to much money for a vehicle in that condition he wanted 6 grand for it.
  4. Hello everybody, I am not new to AACA, I have been trading around my cars to afford something that I have always wanted, a 1937 Dodge Brothers Sedan. I first had a 51 Oldsmobile, then a 64 Ford, traded the olds for the ford and just have sold the ford. My question to you Dodge guys is if this is worth what the owner is asking for. First of all the body is solid the only rust is below the trunk. The motor came out of a crate 25 years ago, brand new, the owners father had found it. Shortly after the father put the new motor in, he passed away and the car sat for 25 years. I know it will nee
  5. I could never thank my Oldsmobile friends that have helped me on this project, I will be back with another one down the road hopefully.
  6. ha, you guys are funny. My oldsmobile, now past antique car, was a dandy to look at but needed countless mantiance. The engine, Trans, and electical needed completly rebuilt. I just did not have the finances to continue with the project. The Olds was just wore out after 61 years. If I was set financially right now, only in college at the moment, I would have fixed her up real good. I now have the 1964 Ford Fairlane 500, have had it since we traded since last saturday. Man is this car in great shape compared to the Oldsmobile. Now I like my GM cars pre 1965 only, but I am also a big fan
  7. Hi, could anybody tell me about the ford 302 engine that is in my fairlane 500, I would like to know how much horses it puts out and any other information to what year this engine could be. I dont know much, here are two pictures though, thanks guys. Jon
  8. I was thinking the same thing, we did lower the idle a few weeks ago and I think that is causing the engine to not get enough oil pressure and causes it to die, hopefully that is all it needs, I am going to take a rest from restoring the old gal as I am finding to many problems with the car and just being in college I will not make enough for a few years to afford a engine rebuild and transmission rebuild. This 51 oldsmobile is tired and worn out, perhaps I should of waited a few years, its a good car though and I enjoyed what I could of done now, it is not road worthy at all, I have the desi
  9. Ok thanks guys, appreciate it once again. Jon
  10. Hi everybody, this is not my first post on the AACA site, but it is my first post on this section of Ford owners. I recently traded my 1951 Oldsmobile super 88 for a 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 two door. The reason for my trade. My Oldsmobile was %95 original, worn out and needed everyting rebuilt, I will miss it but was going to have to put 5,000 dollars for a rebuild of both the trans and engine. The entire car needed a full restoration, it was worn out, after 61 years of course. I dont have the finances to fund that project as I am still in college now. A fellow came to me today and wanted
  11. Hello Oldsmobile friends, I just took the 51 Oldsmobile out for a cruise this wonderful evening in Ohio. Well It turned out bad. the car was running great, as usuall, except for the trans slip every once in a while. I slowed down to a stop after going 55 on the highway and the engine died on me as the transmission shifted down to first gear. I got no clue. So I was stuck in the middle of traffic and had to push the car to the curb. I thought the battery had died on me since there is a short in the system. Luckly a advanced mechanic was driving buy and stopped to help. The electric fuel
  12. Thanks guys for your help this has really opened my eyes to what I will need to do to make this old gal work again in terms of electrical. It truly is a mess of what I have to deal with now, I figure it would be easy to just restore the car back to 6volt that way I can use my gauges and all other accessories within the car, something I am looking forward to doing. Right now the car functions ok. The only electrical that works is the starter, headlights, bright and dim switch, with the light showing on the speedometer, strange, and one parking light and one tail light. The right turn signal
  13. You both are right, I have been wanting to change it back to 6 volt to avoid the headache of all the other electrical problems that would arise. Others have said to hell with the 6 volt, but it would be cheaper and less of a pain in the long run, I already have a 6v generator AC Delco, will need a regulator I guessing as well. Is there anything else that I am missing? Thanks guys. Jon --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1951 Oldsmobile Super 88
  14. Nickelroadster, I was thinking the same thing, they dont leak, but maybe need to be topped off with fluid.
  15. Does anybody know how to keep 12 volts for starting but use 6 volt to run all the gauges. My 51 Olds 88 would never start that big V8 with a 6 volt system, but I need all my gauges which currently do not work. I have heard of resistors that are used to step down the current, but dont know any of the math or anything else. Is there a product that I could buy to make this conversion simple and cost effective? Thanks Jon
  16. got a question for you, does anybody know about knee action piston shocks that are on the front suspension of a 51 Olds super 88. I had just examined them today and was studing closely, some of my older relatives that worked on cars from the 40's and 50's said they will last a lifetime, dont know if they are wore out though. I pushed on the front of the car, and it raised back up as a normal shock would. I have a few pictures below, let me know what youre opinions are please, I would gladly appreciate any help. These pictures, there is alot of built up grease that is why they look so old, t
  17. Thank you all for help with the transmission problems, hopefully I can get them fixed. Although finishing my brake job and then the rear shocks are next in line, I do have a rather odd question. I have been fascinated by the wiper system in the car. I have located the wiper motor and internal wiper arms that connect to the motor (which are disconnected), but cant seem to lock down the motor devices that are external just past the hood area, they leak water when I washed the car, and are very loose, I don't know how to secure them on the cowl. If anybody could please help I would appreciate i
  18. helfen thank you for the detailed message, I will try everything you just described, I am very new at this, but have the Hydramatic service manual and the service manual for the car. hopefully I can do this, although I am thinking about taking it to a specialist, if I can find one here in Ohio. Thanks, Jon
  19. Hey Pontiac1953 good to speak to you again, I am located in Hamilton, just a hour north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks for your great help, I will try this first and let you know what happens, I hope this solves the problem, thanks.
  20. Hi everybody. I have failed to mention this along time ago. My 51 Olds 88 has trouble shifting sometimes, it is a automatic and the fluid level is full. I have a feeling that the Bands either need adjustment or replaced all the way. Maybe you could help me out from my blunt description of the problem. Sometimes the car just revs as if it was in neutral when starting in low gear, it takes a few moments to lock into low gear, Reverse works well, and drive works good, but when the car runs through the gears inbetween shifting, it will rev as if it was in neutral, after I let off the gas the c
  21. Thanks for the replies guys, I found a good set, all four for 100.00, hope it is a good deal, most of the crest in each retains the paint. I might try to sell these as I have no use for them in the future, they are all in excellent shape.
  22. Hi, guys, just wanted to let you know if any were intrested in looking at my olds, there are pictures within the gallery. One question, do any of you think this is a 1951 Super 88 Hubcap, I know during the time period most had the Oldsmobile crest in the center of the hubcap. The lines around this one and the other four, look like reflector material, this is a intresting hubcap as I have never seen another like it. Thanks for your input. Jonny 88
  23. Hello guys and gals, Got another question for you Olds owners, I have a 1951 Oldsmobile SUPER 88 DeLuxe B Model. I have finally taken her out on the road this past week. As I have feared, The brakes need a complete overhaul, they still retain the originals on them. Which comes to my question. The 1950-1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual calls for the 78 and 88 series having 11x2 1/2 size on the front and 11x2 on the rear, this is correct, but my local NAPA store only supplies the rear brakes, but has front brakes for later models in the 50's. Would any of those drums and shoes which also are 11x2 1
  24. Thank you all this will help out a lot, I will try what was prescribed by all of you and will let you know my findings. This solved a mind boggling question I had, despite how silly it my sound. Thanks guys Jon
  25. Paul, thank you this is the information I was looking for. Is it possible to throw it back into neutral while the engine is shut off? every time I shut the engine off I pull the e brake after it is shut off, perhaps that is the reason that I can not put it in Neutral while the engine is shut off. From the first time I drove the car, I remeber being able to put it back in neutral after the engine is shut down, but I could be wrong, thanks. Jon
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