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  1. Well its been 1 week to the day! and here is the Bride (my daughter) and the car that was restored for the day .. A while back I asked about letting another or myself to drive it for the "wedding car"and one answer I got was ask her.. Well she wanted her daddy and it made it all a special day.. The reception had a entrance that I was able to leave the car and play music in it all night long .. All the guest where able to take photos anytime they wanted ... Plus I was able to ride it home
  2. Well for me having a 1940 Plymouth restored.. at least every show 1-to 3 people will ask... I tell them "What do "you" think its Worth"?? When I hear them they usally don't have a clue.... So I tell them .... you know........... at min prices it clost at least 5K to have the paint done 5K to have the interior done at least 5 k to have the drive train and tires done.. and at least 3K tohave the toys .. and that would be if its was in decinet shape with out replacing items like fenders etc etc.. most of the time they get it...
  3. does ANYBODY know if in 1961 p350 1 ton panel trucks EVER came with automatic transmissions .... AND if the did DID the emergency brake cable connect to the rear backing plates..Thanks.................................... ....................................
  4. ***UPDATE*** The man that makes the LED 6 volt non index type is Out of Stock for a few months.. Other than NOS 1158's on the bay I found a company called FALK PRODUCTS he makes his own 1158 bulbs for our older 6 volt systems that are twice as bright and look exactly like a normal 1158 All other leads either are for 12 volts or the non indexing type (stagered pins) the Halogen ones are for the newer sockets(stagered pins) ... but are 6 volt Hope this infor helps others along the way...Daniel
  5. WOW "If so then Halogen bulbs/headlights are a mandatory 10 point deduction regardless of if you have one or more." Thanks for the heads up! Strange that they allow no point for safety items like seat belts turn signals And you would think a bulb would be ok.. But I have no problem with rules (just not knowing them I do,,) But for around town I still like to use the Halogen so if any one knows a part number or source for 6 volt halogen positive ground bulbs I thank you for your help Daniel
  6. I read the past posts about LED vs Halogen and think for my 1940 Plymouth which has 6 volt double positive ground .... filament bulbs , Halogen "should" be better.. Problem is the supplier does not carry the type with the pins straight from each other Does any one know a source to purchase these....Thank-you Daniel
  7. Short update I talked to Fram Purlator.. they all agree to use the Power Brake Filter... Autozone sales on under part # 80195 When you think about our wiper fans . etc that run on vacuum could suck in dirt and also or could fall apart and suck in metal ... Cheap insurance for protecting our engines...Daniel
  8. Fuel filter for a Vacuum Accessory..? <hr style="color: rgb(229, 229, 229); background-color: rgb(229, 229, 229);" size="1"> I got a Vintage accessory its a VACU-MITE Car Vacuum Cleaner .. Its really cool and I do not like my Accessories to sit in the box... It uses Vacuum from the engine , all you do is cut the vacuum wiper hose and put a tee in it and a shut off valve...(originally supplied) It has a canvas bag for a filter inside of it. But... My question is could I use a gasoline filter as a safety by the vacuum hose I cut .. and do you think the gas filter will hold up or get sucked up? Thanks for the info ..
  9. I built or "restored " my 1940 Plymouth for one reason... My Daughters wedding day.. Well that day is coming soon! July of this yr.. 2011 I plan on using it to have her driven to the Church and also I was planing on picking up my parrents... maybe Godparents etc... I was wondering if "others " did this and thought of having "Someone " else drive your car you restored / Or did or would you be the "only one to drive your car that special day" Thanks for your comments... Daniel
  10. I saw a great video of Auto-lite on Parade... One of the items that caught my eye was the part where the guy announces that Auto-lite makes leather products and shows the handbags /briefcase.. Does any one know if they had there own label....(Auto-lite) or "Who" used them... Samsonite etc? Thanks for letting me know DANiel...
  11. New guy here with my 1940 Plymouth .. I LOVE vintage period correct items... "factory " and aftermarket like JC Whitney Western Auto ... etc For my 1940 Plymouth I saw a small vacuum chrome metal cleaner I think its called VAC-UM Cleaner.. It uses the automobiles own internal vacuum Then I saw a plastic one red /white same principle.. My ? is which one is correct for a 1940 yr Thanks for the info ...DANiel