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  1. I know this is a dumb one but how do you check the fluids in the Hydramatic? What kind of oil does it take?:o:o
  2. I agree, have been running Pertronix in other cars for years.......always keep a backup........ as luck would have it I have never had a problem, b ut there is the potential. I used a mallory setup this time and "Pertronix" name just as a reference point, but same setup no matter the name. Thanks for the reminder tho........
  3. Thanks for the info, I have found someone in my area who is familiar with these transmissions and can service/adjust it. Also checked the heat riser and seems to be functioning properly, put pertronix kit with coil in the newly rebuilt distributor, fresh plugs and I believe it will be fine. It really was not "out of breath" it was just me being a bit over protective I guess. Have not owned a car I enjoy as much as this one since my youth and just want to make sure I am doing all I can to keep her going. Thanks so much for the help and advise...... Stan:) P.S. will post some pictures as soon as I get time...... Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, I was just concerned that I would damage the car at those speeds for long periods of time... I seldom run over 70mph anymore, for me it is not about the time I take getting there anymore, but enjoying the drive and scenery...... we try to get off interstate highways as much as possible. Thanks again, Stan:)
  5. Bought a 1952 Chieftain a couple of months ago, straight eight and dual range Hydramatic. It does really well around town, mileage isn't too shabby if you keep it around 40 or 45 most of the time. Went on a short (300 mile round) trip and 60 on the interstate was pretty much tops.... mileage went down drastically. The stock rear is 3.08:1 ratio, I have a 2.56:1 out of a Chevy Nova I think will fit....... will this help the highway speeds and MPG or is this too much for the engine and trans to handle? Love driving the car, just don't want to kill it or my wallet..........
  6. Very good body, needs front floor pans installed and they come with the car, has original straight 8 engine and hydramatic trans. Engine runs great with no smoke and no knocks or rattles. The car has been sitting for a few years and will need a new windshield and total restoration but the price is right at $1200.00 or best offer. Call Lee at 256-302-5714 or Stan at 256-744-8855. Email me at leezcarz@gmail.com or reply to this ad for pictures or questions.
  7. Dave Thanks, was not aware of the big jim site, will contact Duane ASAP........ Stan
  8. Looking for a turn signal switch for my 1962 Dynamic 88 4 door sedan, also a set of Fender skirts. Thanks, Stan Marrett fatnsolo@gmail.com
  9. Thanks Dave, I feel better about keeping the original running gear now, I am very impressed with the performance of the 394 and not quite so worried about the slim jim anymore. I also found a local gas station who sells non-ethanol gas............. car runs MUCH better and seems to be doing better on consumption as well. Thanks again, Stan
  10. Rustyshepherd, my slim jim feels kind of like a cross between the older Buick Dynaflow and a th350........... seems to do pretty well, shifts from 1 to 2 are firm, from 2 to 3 not so much but does not seem to slip. I am replacing things on the car like brakes, fuel pump, water pump, carb rebuild..... mostly due to the car sitting for 5 or 6 years but nothing major. I have put on a few miles and does not burn any oil and has plenty of power. Is this car pretty dependable as a daily driver and for use on trips in stock form or should I be working towards modernizing the drive train????? Stan
  11. Thanks Charles, I can usually figure out the abbreviations but that one had me stumped. Stan
  12. Does fair, shifts onto second are a bit abrupt and seems to launch the car forward pretty well, high is a bit more gradual and not so noticeable but no apparent slipping. I am building a 1970 Olds 350 and TH200 4R to go in the car............ just a mild and a bit more dependable combination since it is going to be used for traveling.
  13. Thanks for the info, replaced the brake light switch, put in new bulbs and now have tail/stop lights but turn signals are a no go..... left still works but stuff in the column is broken. Have not had time to tear it down to see exactly what needs replacing but will soon. LOVE the 394, excellent power plus decent mileage........ have southern air system to install before summer, looking forward to traveling in her some this year........ any ideas on where to look for the replacement parts for turn signals?????? Thanks, Stan:)
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