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  1. I'm currently having this exact same problem. I've ruled out the key issue I think, and currently working to see if it's the starter. Battery I know is fine. I'm so glad someone else is having this problem (it's mean, I know, but glad to have company!) Jennifer
  2. Hoping someone has ideas on this issue. I recently had my 90 Reatta up on jackstands working on the starter and had set the parking brake just in case. After I was done and went to release the brake, I pulled the release and it 'popped' like it should do but the light didn't go off on the dash. I've had that happen sometimes when the brake would get stuck, and after a reset of the brake and another release, it would be free and the light would go off. But this time I tried to reset the brake only to find that it doesn't work. The cranking plate seems to be stuck in the on position but when I went to pull the release, nothing happens. I'm not entirely sure how the cranking system works, but I can't see anything that might be causing it to stick. I don't know if there was something maybe behind the plate that is causing it to stay in place. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks! Jennifer
  3. I've enjoyed driving my dad's '89 in the past. Now that my sister bought herself a car, my dad thought I'd enjoy driving the Reatta when I travel cross-country, which is something I do often. They're nice cars - when they run. In the two months I've had it I've already had to flush the radiator system, put a new water pump on, and change the oil since my sister didn't understand that this needs to be done on occasion. Personally I'm more of a German car person - first car I drove was a '79 Porsche 928 which I still have, and I've driven Audis and BMWs in the past too. My daily driver is a '96 Jeep Cherokee and I have a '75 Bricklin for a show car.
  4. Thanks to all who provide ideas for repairs - I'll have to see what I can do after I return from vacation after the holidays. Jennifer
  5. When I said 'it goes dead', I basically meant that when I try to start the car wouldn't start, as though the battery was dead. However, I know it's not the battery nor the connections as I have cleaned them throughly and the battery is new. My dad thought we might have bad cables at first, but he seemed to think there was a ground problem somewhere in the steering column.
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help or give some ideas for me. I drive a 90 Reatta hand-me-down from my sister. Needless to say she didn't take all that good care of the car, but it still runs. However, in the last two months I've been driving it, occasionally it will not start. I know it's not the battery or its connections, because the radio plays and I get dash lights. Basically what happens is when I turn the key to 'on', dash lights and radio turn on, but when I turn it further to 'run/start', it goes dead. My dad discovered that if I wiggle the key in the ignition or adjust the wheel up or down, it will usually start after a few attempts. However, just recently it didn't start after about 10 minutes of wiggling and adjusting. I'm assuming this is some kind of electric problem, maybe grounding in the ignition. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix or if they've had problems like this? Thanks in advance, Jennifer