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  1. Hello - Just reading through some of the Hershey listings and saw yours. How many years of these nickels do you have and what would something like this cost ?
  2. Hello Guys - What is the info on the Winter Meet in Mobile ? What hotel and the phone number. Thanks
  3. Glad to see you at Hershey once again. I did not know you were interested in such a big classic car, but things change. I hope you have a nice big garage for this baby. (when the time comes) Don't worry, you will find the right one at the right time, like the others have stated. I do know of a very nice 1935 Ford Cabriolet that was in the car corral and at a very nice price. Only if you wanted to stay with a regular type car and not a classic. Hope everyone still had a good time at Hershey. I got wet with everyone else, but thats Hershey. At least there was no mud like years ago.
  4. George - Most all of what is posted by the other members is true. The "guide" is now the "OLD CARS REPORT PRICE GUIDE". For some reason Old Cars decided to publish from 1930 on. Every other issue is 1930-1980, then 1946-1993. They're ruining the publication. If you have a car prior to 1930, you are out of luck, its not even listed. The values are taken from auctions all over the country. They are fairly accurate. Your interpretation of the value from 1 to 6, 1 being the best, and 6 the worst, is up to you. But, you have to start somewhere. Chevy Bob
  5. Tommy - Homestead, Fla. has a fairly new race track and the SCCA has their races there. The SCCA are the ones having their race the same time the So. Fla. Region is hosting the Southeastern National Winter Meet. ( March 3-5, 2011 ) This track also supports NASCAR. These cars make a lot of noise. The show field is right outside of the track. Hence, the very loud noises. Plus, for 2010, back in March, when they hosted the Winter Meet at the track for the first time, we also had F-18's or some fighter jets, from Homestead Air Force Base flying over the show sight at low altitudes. Perhaps this year (2011) the jets won't be there. Chevy Bob
  6. Susan - Thank you for your comments. I plan to attend the Meet in Bristol, Tn. I hope things work out well for the Appalachian Region. As for the So. Fla. Region, they must be using the track because its the best location for them. I see no problem with that. But, knowing you are going to have another Winter Meet again the following year, one would think they would correct the time factor for 2011 and not have the meet at the same time the track is being used with very loud race cars. Perhaps the choices were not there. I don't know. I just hope this doesn't hurt the attendance for the meet. As for the increase of the reg. ( for 2011 )of our cars to $ 30.00, we have no choice. Chevy Bob
  7. Matthew - Thank you for your reply. I understand that planning a national meet location can be difficult. Most of our members would like a nice location with the host hotel close by. This is very hard sometimes to establish. But, this meet was at the race track, last year, and they knew the noise was a problem afterwards. Couldn't the date for this Homestead Meet have been a week later or earlier to ecape from the track use ? Don't get the wrong impression, I enjoy the AACA and the hobby. But there are times when you do not raise fees during a bad economy. (A right time and a wrong time.) Now, for the 2011 year, does NOT seem to be right. Just my opinion. Chevy Bob
  8. Hello Everyone - I'm new at this forum with writing my own ideas and/or comments. In the past, I just read the forum and did not participate. Now, I'm upset about certain things with AACA and/or a national meet. I have questions about the upcoming Homestead, Fla. meet. Also, I have questions to National AACA about the raised fees for 2011. Does everyone already know that car registration has been increased to $ 30.00 for the 2011 year ? I do not see any discussion on the forum about this. Does this mean that everyone is OK with this ? With the economy in the rut, I do not feel right about this. Maybe the following year (2012) would have been better. Secondly - Does everyone know, concerning the Homestead Meet, that the races will be going on during the Winter Meet there ? The noise is back. Last year we had the noise from the races and the noise from the jets flying around over head. Any discussion about this ? I'm just asking.