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  1. Hooligan and everybody else that has offer help and advice. Thank you! I found the wheels and tires I need. Now I just need to time to work on my project, I'll post some pictures as I go along.
  2. I'm not a member but I'll do some research. Thank you for your suggestions.
  3. Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions. I've finally found some wheels that will work with modifcations. I was told the wheels are "combat Wheels" circa 1940 and were used on some type of military vehicle.. I've had to remove the centers from the wheels and use the orignal dual wheel spacer ring from ther ear as a shim to meet the rear hub circunference. The fronts are a little less work since the front hubs already have an outer ring around the spoke hub. I'm very happy with the industrial look the wheels give the truck. Now comes my next challenge. Does anybody have or know where I might be able to find some 600 x 20 tires for my truck? I can't afford to put $1000 dollars worth of new tires on the truck to have it sit in my planter. I'm looking for used tires, the more worn and the more truck looking tread, the better they are for this project.
  4. A concept picture has been added to my gallery. Opinions are welcomed.
  5. I'm in Colton, near the intersection of the 10 and 215 freeways. I meant what I said. Stop in anytime and bring your welding hood. You might even find a Dump Truck in my planter when you get here if it's not too soon. I'm planning on placing the truck in the planter under the street address to the right of my main entrance. It will be tight but it's going to fit. The will be three of caricatures included when the project is finished. One will be the man cranking the dump bed up, another will have an old wheelbarrow loading some of the rocks the truck is dumping and another will be a dog hanging out the window. I just had a thought,,,maybe I need to eliminate the guy with the wheelbarrow and replace him with 3 or 4 guys standing and leaning on shovels. My CalTrans and municipality customers would appreciate that I'm sure. FMB Truck Outfitters I sure wish I had as much energy as I do ideas. Looking forward to meeting you someday.
  6. Thanks for your help. If you get to Southern California, just give me a call and you can take the Prowler for a drive.
  7. Thank you very much for your help! I knew the hood was incorrect as someone has shortened it with a pair of snips to fit the cowl but I didn't know the radiator and shell had been changed. The body lines of the hood do not match the cowl and the lower half of the radiator shell is about as thin as paper but everything still sort of works together. Do you have any suggestions for finding or building wheels? All 6 of mine and completely rusted through and 4 have the lock ring grooves rusted off. I may be able to salvage 3 or 4 wheels by using foam inside the tires after I do some patch work on the wheels and if I can find some tires. I'm looking for some well used 20" tires also. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.
  8. I'm not sure what happened but I just reposted them. I couldn't find them either. The data plate did not have the year of manufacture on it. You may very well be right about it being a 1931 instead of 1928 as I was told. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  9. Not wanting to get into a peeing match here but this truck is beyond restoration. I own a sheet metal shop. I build and restore cars and I love the old truck. I would have loved to be able to save it but it's not going to happen. The only hope for saving this truck for anyone to enjoy in the future is as yard art. I'm a truck guy! My business manufactures tool boxes for trucks, I sell truck equipment, I sell truck accessories and we do complete setups of contractor as well as government vehicles. I deal mostly with contractors. I have a very large and very visible building located alongside interstate 10, the busiest freeway in the U.S. When I make this truck into yard art, over 230,000 cars per day will pass by and have a chance to relive a part of our history. Not that your opinion really matters to me but I'll also add that this project is being done in partnership with Lowell Davis (sometimes referred to as the Norman Rockwell of Rural Art) from whom I purchased the truck. Do a llittle research and you will discover that this truck is indeed being saved not scrapped. http://www.google.com/search?q=lowell+davis&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US&ie=utf8&oe=utf8 Thank you very much for your valuable input. I'll try very hard to remember to ask for your opinion and permission the next time I feel I really truly need it. Larry
  10. I posted more pictures of the truck on my gallery page on this website. If you don't mind taking a look at them, please let me know what you think. There is a data plate on the inside firewall above the transmission tunnel of the truck and it says it's a 1928. Is this the correct placement for the data plate? Thanks for you help.
  11. I'm new to the forum and am not sure if I'm posting in the correct section but I need some help. I recently purchased a heavily rusted 1928 Dodge Brothers dump truck for a yard art project. My truck has dual rear wheels on what appear to be early Budd style hubs. My wheels are so badly rusted that they cannot be used. I need to find some replacement wheels or will have to make my own. This truck will never again be on a highway and a couple of pounds of air are all that's required to hold the tires into shape . The truck will be on stands but will appear to be on the ground when finsihed. Can anyone give me some advice or suggestions for tire and wheel options? I would prefer to stay with very used tires and wheels to keep the look correct. Thanks in advance! Larry http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs989.snc4/76203_1334956472306_1782918014_636380_5923058_s.jpg
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