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  1. BOTH of my 1955 Chrysler 300 C300s are for sale. BOTH are complete cars. BOTH cars have been sitting in storage for a number of years. One has very little rust and the other has some lower body and floorpan rust.
  2. I've got my 1955 C-300 for sale on ebay. It is complete all the way down to the batwing aircleaner and twin carbs and manifold. It has some body rust but is a restorable car. Here is the link.... Dodge : Other truck in Dodge | eBay Motors
  3. It looks like with the birth of first child I'm going not going to have time to restore this truck and I am getting rid of some of my vehicles. It is for sale on ebay right now. Here is the link... Dodge : Other truck | eBay
  4. I have late 50s fiberglass special with an MGA chassis. Does anyone have a MGA title for sale? As most of you know, there are 50 sets of rules and regulations pertaining to titles on cars-each state has their own. I'd like to purchase a title or a "parts car" MGA with paperwork. Cheers.
  5. A bump to the top for my buddy Randy. Remember, the ASKING price is $20k. He's got lots of wiggle room on that price. Another week or two on here and next stop is ebay. Give Randy a call and talk er' over.....
  6. I'm listing this car for a friend of mine. Please don't email me-call the number posted. He's owned it for 40 years and has been stored in his dry, concrete floor garage all this time. It runs but has been sitting for a few years. All original survivor. Original paint. Straight body with only one very small dent. No rust, clean undercarriage. Original interior shows wear. This would be a great car to go thru the brakes, etc. and put it back on the road as is. Here is a link to lots of pictures.... 1942 Packard 180 - beautifulsurf's Photos If interested please call Randy. His number
  7. These trucks wern't a conversion like the later Marmon Harrington Ford trucks. From everything that I've read, they were built alongside the two wheel drive trucks on the Dodge Brothers assembly line. The front axle and transfer case were made by Timken.
  8. It appears that my truck is the only known1934 Dodge Brothers k39X4 4x4 survivor. Here is a link to lots of photos of my Dodge.... 1934 Dodge K39X4 - a set on Flickr
  9. I thought you guys might enjoy some photos and info on my 1934 Dodge 4x4 truck. It's official name was the K39x4. It was the first four wheel drive that could be shifted from inside the truck. It predates the Marmon Harrington Ford conversions. Dodge, of course, went on to develop some fine vehicles for WW2 which subsequently led to the famous Power Wagon line. These first 4x4 trucks were used in the 1930s by the US Cavalry/US Army. Here are some period photos and some pics of my truck. I'm posting on a few forums hoping to get some more information on the truck. I've seen some
  10. In case you missed it, I relisted the Packard on ebay with just a lowered reserve and a couple more days on the auction.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. If you have something interesting you want to trade either up or down then I'll consider it.
  12. I just listed this car on ebay. Buy it now price is $25k.
  13. This lovely Packard convertible was bought new here in Atlanta at the Packard dealership downtown. It still has its original leather key fob from the dealership. I would call it a lifelong maintained car-NOT a restored car that was brought back from the dead. First of all-there is no rust on the car. All original body panels. It was painted once 20 or so years ago and it still looks very good. The motor was rebuilt at the same time. It runs very smoooooth! Rebuilt carb, fuel pump, and redone gas tank. The car drives great-the 3 speed shifts well and brakes work well. The origi
  14. Yep, this car came with the 327 as well. I've listed it on ebay item number 220977603695
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