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  1. Hi all! Most are unaware that Yugo cars were a front to the Yugoslavian assault weapons being made at the same time. The US bombed the Yugo car plant in 1991, no more Yugos made after. I collect many cars and Yugos are one of them. I have some beautiful ones and I admit freely to you all that I get more enjoyment out of driving an 86 Yugo than my Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Jaguar V12's etc. Something about the simplicity of it makes them very enjoyable to drive. They are peppy, very simple to work on, all parts are available and cheap, and insurance is only $4.70 monthly for liability. 55 miles per gallon helps too! Most people that make fun of Yugos never drove one. All cars, no matter make/model are only as good as their owners have treated them. If a car is abused it will fall apart. If it is taken care of it will last. Case in point I bought an 87 Grand National T-Type with 20,000 original miles that during the course of three weeks nearly everything that could have gone wrong with the vehicle did go wrong. Every night was a different repair, brake lines, transmission, water pump, alternator, etc. Opposite side of the spectrum my '67 Renault Caravelle sport coupe has 340,000 miles and will still drive anywhere without a hitch. If a car is treated good it will last. If it's beat on it will fall apart. My daily driver volvo has 575,000 miles and I have never not even once had an issue with it. Tires, brake pads, oil changes. Thats it. Small cars have always been the butt of every joke. Take for example BMW Isettas, they were laughed at and used as trash cans. Now they are $40,000 cars restored and even $5000 cant find you a rough basket case one. Who knows perhaps one day Yugo will be there ?? Paul in Ohio
  2. Saddam's car was being..dismantled ?? Yes my car is a 170V. Please PM me what you might know. I don't know anyone and this car isn't known by anyone (hence how I came to own it) so I am very curious, thank you.
  3. Do you have the original tire? I would enjoy seeing a photo and may be interested in purchasing it or any other parts from the car. I am in Ohio and have from Santiago Chile (taken with officer to flea imprisonment) from Germany a Nazi staff officer's 1937 Mercedes I am doing a light restoration on. The car included so many artifacts and artifactual paper work from the war it is astounding. I have photos of the concentration camp he was part head of, original photos. xkreal@aol.com
  4. I know of where that red Jag came from !! I bought the Spitfire from the same old man, red over-spray everywhere. I have photos somewhere of both cars together. Liberty OHIO
  5. Edsel, Thanks for your reply! It is great to hear of other Yugo's out there. Yugo's are one of my favorite cars to drive, so simple, easy to maneuver and peppy. My friend collects Yugo's with a cabrio convertible 1990 and a list of near 40 other's behind. He got me interested in these cars and I acquired several from him through trades. I have two I may consider selling very reasonably this coming spring/summer, a 1986 with 20,000 original miles and window sticker, and a 1991 GV Plus with 30,000 miles.
  6. Hello I reluctantly sold my 1941 Graham about two years ago (2008) to a fellow that promised to gift it to his ailing father as it was said to be his father's dream car. I had not wanted to ever sell this car, however I was cohersed into believing this man's father would give this car a loving home. He did not do such a thing and listed the car on ebay the same day he purchased it from me. The auction sold for a shocking amount and as it turns out his father passed away in 1992. In the listing he said he purchased it from the original owner. I was 22 years old at the time so I obviously was not the original owner, and the rest of his listing was also full of false tales. The car had no title, was light green in color and the engine was siezed from sitting. It was all original elsewise and was in very good condition without any rust at all. I was wondering if anyone knew the whereabouts of this car as I have some original paper work that belongs with the car and I would enjoy passing this on to the current owner. Thank you kindly. Paul in Ohio
  7. Hello do you know where one could find a used windshield, and side vent glass for a 1961-62 Amphicar?
  8. Hello is anyone here a fan of or own any YUGO cars? I have many and enjoy driving them. I may sell some soon. Would like to hear from others Thanks.
  9. Very nice Sonett you have! If you ever consider selling / trading it I would sincerely be interested. I have a 4k orig mile 1973 Sonett III in my house for display, I drove it daily and drove it in there.
  10. HI can you please send photos of these parts to xkreal@aol.com Thank you
  11. Kreal

    Mystery Car

    Hello would you be interested in selling the front bumper from this Caravelle / Floride? Thank you! xkreal@aol.com
  12. Beautiful restore ! I myself have a 1980 Comutacar; in my home.
  13. Hello all! I just stumbled upon your site and signed up. I live in NE Ohio, am 24 years old and collect odd cars from around the globe. I was going to follow the theme and put a list of my cars in my signature below but it wouldn't allow me as I think I used up too many characters. Anyways, I am glad to be a member of your forum. One of my oldest and most interesting cars is a 1937 Mercedes-Benz WWII Nazi Staff Officer's war car that I am presently doing a body off of frame restoration on. I have finished the frame/suspension and have begun the body. The original interior from wood to seats is immaculate without wear as the car has only 1542 original kilometers. The glass & chrome is also in great condition, but the outside paint had severe issues. I have all war documents including the open reconnaissance and import and war papers, front fender flags, also driver's hat, goggles and other artifacts found with the car. From Germany to Chile, now to my home in Ohio USA. For those 1950's car lovers I have some such as a 1955 Borgward Isabella Sport Coupe with 20,000 original kilometers, Imported from Germany and brought to my home. 1956 Bentley S1 Continental right hand drive, all original with 33,000 original I drive this car everywhere. 1956 Mercedes formerly owned by Fred Rogers of Mr Roger's Neighborhood TV show. The 1960's cars include some cool ones such as a 1961 Olympia Rekord sport coupe with 14k original kilometers imported from Germany aswell. 1966 Datsun Fairlady sport convertible with hard top. 1967 Renault Caravelle sport convertible with hard top. There are many more, and lots more years I just thought I would toss some out there for you all. I hope you have heard of some of these cars before. I do have American cars and have owned many, so I am not a foreign only car lover. I just sold a 1955 Starchief the other day. Thanks Paul
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