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  1. if you are going to make them like original ( brass threaded cap with black bakelite on it) i would be interested depending on price ofcourse . looking forward to your quote as such.
  2. looking for any photo,s taken of the 1916 Locomobile which participated in the 1989 Great Race as shown on page 71 of Automobile Quarterly Volume 28 Number 1. any info is highly appreciated.
  3. what kind of parts do you have and contact info please. very nice to see a seperate Locomobile section now. i am building a 1916 special.
  4. thanks John for your instant response, hope you can be of help here are the dimensions O.D. 7.20 inch (183 MM ) Thickness of Gear 1.25/32 inch (45.0 MM) Number of Teeth: 66
  5. Urgently want to buy a 1916-1918 Locomobile Admission(Intake) Camshaft Silent Gear. please see attachment and preferable email me directly (hans.kirp@planet.nl) if you can be of help
  6. Want to buy 1931 Buick 90 series Metal Sidemount Covers and Face plates ???????? If you know of a set or someone who reproduced them please be so kind to contact me preferable directly to : hans.kirp@planet.nl thanks for any help or leads!!!!!!
  7. hello both of you, i am trying to find 2 brown distributor caps with the screw in wire holders and a so called brush type rotor for a delco 5216 set up . are you able to help me out ????
  8. if you are who i think you are i have tried to contact you thru the old motor page which i happen to like very much. if you are still able to help me find some parts for a 48 or even better to supply them please contact me directly at: hans.kirp@planet.nl
  9. I know this is a very old post but do you happen to still have this pump or at least some pictures of it and it,s internals ???? your help would be most helpfull. please response directly to : hans.kirp@planet.nl
  10. is the Bearcat tank still available????? i could use it, please respond if possible direct to hans.kirp@planet.nl with some pictures and your price idea????? thanks for now.
  11. saw your thread and wanted to response, if in the meantime you have realized this Klaxon 20 should go back on an antique car i am needing one for my project. in case you want to respond please do so directly to hans.kirp@planet.nl looking forward to your reaction
  12. want to buy original good condition 1937-1938 conv.rear window frame must be with the division bar. please send your offer with pictures to hans.kirp@planet.nl thanks in advance.
  13. want to buy original good condition 1937-1938 buick conv, rear conv.top window frame must be with the divison bar. please send your offer with pictures to hans.kirp@planet.nl thanks in advance for your help.
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