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  1. It seems I may not be looking in the right places? Have checked Manual schematics and diagrams, but have't found any information that indicates which color wire goes to which solenoid terminal. I'm thinking Yellow>"S", and Purple>"R", but would like to know for certain. I had Starter/Solenoid checked out by Starter Repair Shop, and was told "everything works as it should" (Good Condition) I repaired/replaced damaged wiring from connector>solenoid, and hooked them up as noted above. Starter does not engage when Ignition (key) is turned to "Start" position ------ no click of solenoid, or other sound. NOTHING! Battery is fully charged ---- good voltage at post/terminal block. Thanks for your thoughts. Rudy:confused:
  2. Same/similar problem I'm experiencing on my '64 Riv with Tilt. Looking forward to your article, Jim ------------ will it make the Sept/October issue? Rudy
  3. Hello Fellow Riv owners A couple of questions regarding the lower, front fender bolt which enables one to attach/adjust the lower fender just ahead of the door. 1)What's the easiest way to replace this bolt/nut. In attempting to loosen the bolt in order to adjust the fender alignment, the "retainer/nut" within the body "spun loose". There appears to be no way to get a tool in there to hold the nut/retainer while undoing the bolt???????? Or -------- am I overlooking something?:confused: 2) Is there an available manual/catalog which depicts/describes all the sheet metal/body re & re procedures? I have the Chassis Service Manual. But this does not cover these topics. Thanks Rudy
  4. O.K. Thanks to your helpful suggestions, a bit of ingenuity, and bit less skin on my hands --------- got 'er done. 1) Managed to remove the seat, despite not being able to adjust it to get at the bolts. Tough! Cleaned, lubricated, and grounded "everything". It now works in all four directions, albeit still a bit sluggishly. 2)As for the trip reset button, tried the suggested "Push-n-Turn" again. When this didn't bring the desired result, I pulled on the plastic knob. It came loose; found that it was actually "stripped" from the knurled shaft. A strategically placed wooden toothpick took up the slack between the knob and shaft. Good enough for now! Thanks Everyone Rudy
  5. Thanks Tom You guys are a great resource. Rudy ps ------- It'll be a few days before I can try out these suggestions -- will let you know how I made out.
  6. Thanks Ed Will try ------ i.e. cleaning, & grounding. Rudy
  7. Thanks for your suggestions Ed, Ron, CheezeMan. I'll try the Ground Wire idea; also try that TripCounter "Push/Twist" again (car stored off site) next time I'm in the car. I think I tried "every combination" i.e. pull, twist, push, twist, but willing to try 'er again. Thanks a bunch, guys. Till later Rudy
  8. Thanks Ed. I must not be engaging the "SEARCH" function correctly ?? I follow ------- AACA Forums> BUICK CLUBS > Buick Riviera - Riviera Owners Association Search This Forum Advanced Search, entering "Electric Seat" This results in sixteen Threads, none of which really speak to the issue. Must have "taken a wrong turn" somewhere?? Rudy:confused:
  9. Where can I find help/instructions with respect to: 1) Resetting Odometer -------Odometer numbers at base of Speedo are "adding up", but the reset knob beneath Dash appears not to be working. My 1964 Buick Service Manual seems not to deal with this issue. 2)Am unable to adjust electric seat ------Occasionally able to get a partial forward/rearward movement, but no up/down ------Switches in arm rest appear to be appropriately connected. I suspect poor/intermittent circuitry, possibly beneath seat, but again the Service Manual seems not to address this issue. If you have knowledge of what to look for, or how to resolve these issues, I'd appreciate your specific suggestions, as well as pointing out manual(s) that might provide step-by-step analysis, and R&R instructions. Rudy ROA 13164
  10. Looking for a source where I can buy either the entire Signal Light Switch, or Cam for Tilt Steering Wheel Post. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know where one might purchase a Signal Light Switch, or Cam for 1964 Buick Riviera c/w tilt steering wheel?:confused: Thanks Rudy
  12. Thanks Kaycee Hey, do you happen to know what function that little "pushbutton" within the wiper switch performs? Does it simply "make" an electrical circuit e.g. provides ground to the washer pump? The wiper motor on my newly acquired car works, but the washer doesn't. Since it seems quite difficult to access the wiper/washer motor behind the fender apron, I was wondering whether a "generic" small electric washer motor/pump could be introduced near the reservoir, within the engine bay (as an interim fix).
  13. Thanks for your "Manual suggestion". Good Idea. Will do. Rudy
  14. I'd appreciate help with: Where is windshield washer motor mounted in 1964 Buick Riviera?:confused: How to replace it. Where to buy replacement? Thanks
  15. I'd appreciate help with: Where is windshield washer motor mounted in 1964 Buick Riviera?:confused: How to replace it. Where to buy replacement? Thanks