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  1. My Clutch is getting soft as I shift? Thinking of opening up and installing a new plate. any one got some words of wisdom are the part chrysler replacment or TC only. wile its open should i just replace every thing.
  2. Hay Bob call cliff in Seattle 206-660-2240 or e-mail cliff@nwmarineair.com
  3. Bob Cliffv here in seattle, I'll take your 16v call me or e-maile me and lets get her done. cliff@nwmarineair.com 206-660-2240
  4. Thanks guys, from the pic it looked right just wanted to bounce it off the you out there that know more then me! Alan ho no all is there buying it for a back up to my 16v manual as we all know how hard spare part are. the owner is giving me a good fair price and all parts are there in the pic. and look tobe in good used shape. thank all
  5. I got the seats about four months ago and he was down to a few boxes of parts left most of the body is gone. they are ok old and will need redoing. Pass side is in the best shap as the all are, driver must have been a big man as the seat is pushed into the middle.
  6. looking to buy a TC Manual Trans the number stamped on the trans. are 297/1.35 assy # 4425070 all the info I can find in my big blue book and on line do not show these number can any one help?
  7. Vipernbox Can you ship i.e. crate, pallet, big box and U can keep the knob e-mail me cliff@nwmarineair.com
  8. (somebody needs to take this very complete 284 off my hands) where are you and do you have the axels still. how much for all and yes I did see 89TC-16v $
  9. Thats cool I know about snow and no grage, I'm in no fast hurry and will wait tell your ready. I'm just looking for back up. Tell me more about the eng and the trans you have it mated to. You can use my real e-mail if you want to take this off foram. Beside by the time you pull the motor we can look at ways to ship. But tell me why you want to pull this eng out of your running dodge? as for the tran I'll take all parts you have but wait for the snow to melt as will. I'll pay your price just tryen to get it here for a reasonable $. cliffv cliff@nwmarineair.com
  10. Where are you in NJ I may have away to get it here, if we can make the deal. cliffv
  11. Is this still in a tc or have you pull it old already. or how would you like to sell them? it is along ways from me to you. cliffv
  12. Great what do you think the total weight is for both.? I think shipping truck slow freight would be the easyest on the pocket book. Can you crate it up? will you take Pay Pal for payment? here is my e-mail and phone # cliff@nwmarineair.com, 206-660-2240 Thanks cliffv
  13. This May be a laugh, as I know alot of us are looking for the same items. I have a 90 16v that Runs and drive good came with a complete parts car but the part car is an Auto. I would like to have extra 16v parts so as to be able to clean and rebuild one set wile I still drive and play with the running car. any help out there? Cliffv
  14. Cliff Valentine in Seattle My 89 dose not have overdrive and my 90 is a five speed cliff@nwmarineair.com and or 206-660-2240
  15. please send some pic. eng, inside and around prices verry from who what and do I need it now. cliffv-Seattle
  16. Jeremy how much did you pay off ebay for the 16v short or long block. as I've ben looking for a 16v block as will. you also said everey thing in the motor look heavy duty thats nice to know cliffv
  17. Thanks Alan: I did not know about this forum I just joined TC of America: I have been watching the 16v for years on e-bay the few I found the $ was higher then what I had at the time. The Boston 16v was a friday night bid for 2000.00 with a complet parts car. did not even think I had a chance to win. in fact I forgot I even bid till I was told I one. What do you know of the average 16v $ out here on the West cost.
  18. Cliffv in Seattle I'll take 4. I plan on owning my 16v for awile
  19. Is it worth it ? Hell yes I'm working slowly to relifeing my 89 16v I had to fly to Boston and bring her home on a trailer to Seattle. she started ran and stoped when I test drove it. I all ready have a 89 SOHC that I have had for ten years love this poor mans sporty toy!!!!! cliffv
  20. Cliffv here in Seattle Put me in for at least 2 but if he is only going to do one run of them I'll take four.
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