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  1. thanks guys all good info. I'll call rick and ask $. Been way to bussy with wk to even get to this issue, but need to get this car on the road or sell it and move on
  2. Hay any one out there know what the part number is for the valve timing belt. time to replace the belt but no one at the parts house can seem to find the right belt 89 TC 16v
  3. Just talked with Chris@TurbosUnleashed. He stated he bought a 16v to test another sample gasket on, and to have a TC to review what parts they can Reman.. the gaskets are still a go but pushed out to the first of the yr. 2013. So it's stay tuned for now. as we 16v owner hope to see replacment gaskets and back ups
  4. New 16-V Maserati Valve Cover Gaskets Hay I've been working too hard has any one ever heard back on these gaskets. I know I asked for two but have not heard back for a long time. I also know we had to change our CC due to someone started buying things I can not fit into. I'm about too take off the cover and hope I can save the gasket on my parts car to stop the leaking on my driver
  5. Cliff here Did I miss the part on how to pay I have not checked in for awile I order two and can pay now just let me know now
  6. Thank guys I'll do both. in fact how do I post that in my profile don't need to list all my toys. Cliffv in Seattle,Wa.
  7. Ok my 89 soft top is finly showing it's age, I think I just got my last year out of it. As I start look to replace it I'm seeing bid from 1,600 to $5500. You owners out there got some good words of wisdon for a poor guy up North. :eek:
  8. Tom the link no worky. You should of e-mailed me on the tool case I would of bough it . 16v is running fine still have not poped the top to see whats under it. Cliffv
  9. Thanks Alan for the link got it loaded in to the pc for quick ref. I have not had time yet to check the injector as it's sunny here and my bike has been loney. Top dn or ride oh what do i do...... cliffv
  10. I'm getting a code 26-55 And I'm having a brain fart I can't find the code chart in my blue book any one know what the code is or what page the code are listed under? cliffv
  11. thats a good point I just had the eng detailed i.e. steamed cleaned. thanks
  12. Thanks Jim it will be top on my week-end list cliffv
  13. My 8v started running ruff at the stop light , then I noticed the check eng. light had just come on, I limped home about two miles slow. Pulled out the big blue book and started reading. I had to move the TC the next morn to get the spare car out and to my supprize no check eng. light and she ran smooth. Still not going to drive her entill I can check every thing out. Looking to you guys got any advise
  14. When I had my 89 repainted red I drop the pin strip, and the side rubber. I like the cleaner look. But my body guy said it was still avaible thru most detail shop. I would think your body man would know. good luck
  15. Hello Kent. Cliffv here in Seattle I just loged in to see your treat hay give me a call or a PM about your TC. I've had to lay low on buying more as my back yard and lot are almost full and the other "half" cant see why I love these TC. any way I would like to talk about the hole car to fit, and if the Eng is shot as you think, Well I have two running Tc that would love cleaner items. plus I think a V6 would be a nice finish to my collection. cliff@nwmarineair.com or 206-660-4420 89 8v 1 driver 1 parts 8916v 1 driver 1 parts
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