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  1. Hi Cindy, I am looking for a radiator thermostat which controls the shutters for my 90 series Victoria Coupe - I think they should be interchangeable across series. Please let me know if you've got one. Thanks!
  2. I noticed one for sale on ebay: 1949 Buick Cigarette Lighter; Good chrome~ - eBay (item 400011252361 end time Jan-10-11 19:02:47 PST) Good luck.
  3. Thanks floatflyin! Buickman - I tried to email you, but my message was bounced back. Still looking for 90 Series bumpers and brackets. We would also be interested in radiator shutter/louver thermostat. Thanks, Graeme
  4. My father-in-law and I are looking for bumpers and brackets (front and rear) for a 90 Series Victoria Coupe. Graeme
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