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  1. :eek::(I have a solid 1930 Pontiac coustom coupe project, that due to health related expenses , I must part with. The car is from West Tx. has a solid body for 81 years old, the frame is done. The engine runs like a top, yard drives, at least it did before I started on the wood. These cars are more rare than most would think. The car is 98% all there. I have 6000. or better in the car, willing to sell for 5125. This car should part out for close to that. The car has a clear Tn. title in my name ready to be signed over to a new owner. For more info and or pictures contact me at 423-257-4555 Chu
  2. Why don't that ever happen to me? You lucky people!
  3. Hi, Alsfarms. It sounds to me that you like it rough, I don't know of any extra tin. You could take my car and yours and make a nice one. I am about ready to give up. I did not know how rare these cars are! Thanks David's30
  4. Hi, Mercer09. The engine happens to be one of the better parts of my car. I gave up on my carb. and converted it to down draft. Thank you for your help, david's30
  5. Hi, Dodge34. My wheels are good, what I need is what I listed. If you have any of the parts listed, I think they would work. Thank you , David's30
  6. I have a 1930 Pontiac custom coupe. It is in need of parts, garnish moldings, outside moldings that have the nails in them,steering wheel wood or parts of, rear bumper, door henge posts, useable or fit for patterns, two hub caps for wood spoke wheels. Windshield regulator. Can any one help? Thank you for your help, David
  7. I have a 1930 Pontiac coupe that I need parts for, any outside moldings w/ nails in them, inside garnish moldings, rear bumper, steering wheel or parts of one, Windshield regulator, and door henge post wood, useable or fit for pattern. Thank you all, David Does anyone out there have any parts for a 1930 Pontiac roadster? Thanks, David
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