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  1. Hi Dan, I had mine rebuilt up in Roxbury Vermont. Did a great job and the charge was VERY fair. Do you have any other 32 parts??? Thanks Dick
  2. floatflyin

    Shock Oil

    The manual says "90 wt winter, 140 wt winter MINERAL OIL
  3. I have a '32 Buick. The maintenace manual is very specific that you should only use Mineral oil in the shocks. It is in fact the same oil in the Rear end, transmission and shocks. 90 wt winter, 140 wt summer. Most just use the 90 year round. dick
  4. Thanks, that how I found out that the motor is beyond rebuilding and he had no parts to build one up for me. Dick
  5. I need a wiper motor or cross reference book. Mine is weak and too far gone to rebuild. all help would be appreciated. thanks Dick
  6. 1932 50 series model 57 Thanks Dick
  7. Sorry, nothing for your coupe. Dick
  8. looking for 32 buick 50 series tranny Dick
  9. Hi Cindy, I have a 1932 buick model 57 that I am about to restore. I have owned the car since 1959. looking for a transmission, any chrome, the piece that goes between the two head lights, etc thanks dick
  10. Might be interested in Tranny. How much do you need to get for it. dick
  11. 1932 Buick model 50 transmission