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  1. I just got a water pump rebuilt for my 37 from S&N Auto Electric - Sacramento, CA. He rebuilds all water pumps and does custom. Rebuild cost me $75.00 It's working great. The ph # is 916-920-2233
  2. Does anyone know what the correct screws would be to put the front window frame in a 1937? I can find screws that say they are for a 1937 Pontiac, but I don't know if they would fit the window frame. They don't indicate what size they are just that they are for a 1937.
  3. Jim, did you remove your front window frame? If you did, do you know what size screws you used? Also the same for the rear view mirror. Thanks!
  4. Thank you Jim, I'll check it out!
  5. Does anyone know of a good source to buy a water pump for a 6 cyl 37 Pontiac?
  6. I'm looking for a picture of the gas pedal. I will post when I find one. Thanks!
  7. I have a 37 Pontiac I am just about done restoring. Having a hard time finding a gas pedal. Bought one on ebay, but it wasn't even close to what it was supposed to look like. Does anyone know where I might find one?