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  1. hey guys, good to be back ! After a couple of years of work , houses and yes , cars, I am finally getting to start back on the '65 . My son & I were thinning down the herd and he asked me what I was going to do with the Riv. i replied it was a forever car and even though we still had to do body and paint ( and tranny leaks and floor etc.) it was time to get on it. Alex then told me something I hadn't expected. he said " good, 'cause that's the sickest car in your whole collection and it needs finishing" Music to my ears ! We'll keep you posted . We're going to pull the tranny and put the jamco drop in then move onto the motor, which is fine but maybe a cam upgrade is in store to go with the dual quads on the 401 ( still got 'em). Suggestions welcome ! Nick
  2. Hey Brian, Nick here. No, I didn't sell the dual quad setup yet because i didn't have a spare minute this year to get to it. Bought another house,renovated it,started on contract with my former employer then went to Auburn in September , had a few beers , bought a Camino SS ,had a few more beers , then built a third garage to house the extra cars, which are all over the place . My point after all this is that I have decided to definitely pull the duals and sell them over the holidays with the air cleaner and replace it with a single setup. I already have the 3 inch Jamco drop kit ready to install so this winter is the winter for getting what needs done, well, DONE ! I'm watching the current set on Ebay to see what the market will bear. As stated before, I'm looking at a complete ready-to-go proper single 4 barrel carter setup plus cash for my wheels and tires. Thanks for posting, I checked it out of the blue !
  3. That's what I'm looking for . Any pics , Steelman ?? very excited !
  4. it's a runner and respectable looking. I have no idea how many miles are on it- I'm hoping to see 83,000 km or something low to make it a worthwhile winter beater. One can only hope..
  5. 98 Skylark, boys. Not worth uploading to photobucket then down loading to our site. Ugly, green, but free!
  6. I bought the house next door to my university rental and I got the old lady owners Buick Skylark as part of the deal ! OK, it's not a Riv, but it's still a Buick and it's a pretty cool story to negotiate a free car with a new house ! My son asked me why I wanted the car and I looked at him like he was mentally challenged and said " 2 reasons, 1. free car ( duh ) , and 2. it's a Buick ! C'mon !!
  7. Nice ! How much of a drop is that ? I have a 3" Jamco that I haven't installed yet and if it's 3" then Holy Sh!t ! Nick
  8. I noticed Rock Auto has remanufactured AFB carbs for the Riv for $186 before discount and I'm wondering... is it the right carb? I'm definitely going ahead with replacing the 2 - 4 barrel setup with a single 4 barrel and would like to replace it with something nice and fresh , as rebuilds make me queasy. What is the proper AFB for the '65 single 4 barrel setup? Anyone order one from them ? let me know ! Thanks !
  9. Ended up taking it across to the US to a Niagara Falls rad shop where Mike is going to strap it and seal it for $80. Works for me ! Mike said that it would be at least $400 to rebuild due to copper prices. gonna have it back by Friday.
  10. My rad is clear and seems to be clog free , it just has the end diffuser off. I'm going to have it braised up and strapped . The cooling fins are tight enough that it should be OK.a $120 gamble, maybe, but worth a shot. thanks for the info on the cooling capacity, Tom !
  11. I have one on the way from Rock Auto for $45. Had a couple of drops under the car and a drip on the bottom of the crank pulley so trouble shooting wasn't even worth it when a new pump was so reasonable !
  12. The current rad is a 4 core so , yes a 4 core it will be. I'm awaiting a new 5 blade water pump so I'll need a huge rad.
  13. took my 4 core rad to the rad shop this morning due to 1 end fin needing to be spot welded at the top ( the rad was tight otherwise even under pressure). I was told that it needed a complete rebuild to the tune of $450. Ouch ! So, where to get a new one? shouldn't be much more than that , right? Thanks !
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