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  1. I'm with you there, Steve. I'm the the west end of lake Ontario in Hamilton and we are about to get 16-20 inches over the next 2 days . At $20 a driveway i should be able to get a new set of rims in just over 24 hours ;-) .
  2. Thanks, Steve ! Nice wheels !! I was looking at the "Riviera 17" and it was over $900 a wheel . I will be happily embarrassed if it turns out to be for a set . Do your 17 X 7's fit alright for steering with the 3" drop?, because thats what I'll be running.
  3. Billets are starting at $900 apiece ! OUCH !!
  4. Thread revival !! Just read it all and my head hurts a little . I'm putting a Jamco 3" drop on my '65 riv and can get some nice 17" rims but... they are only available in 17 X 9 with a -8 offset. So , with the dropped suspension , am I as screwed as I think I am? Lie to me ! No, tell me the truth, I can take it..
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