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  1. Looking to buy a worm and worm gear for the 28-29 AA ford truck, mine is shot and needing replacement Pleas let me know what you have Thanks John
  2. how much for the engine pans? please pm me
  3. I have a NOS model k ford piston, i bought this from a guy who was cleaning out a ford dealership. i have done som reserch and this is the real deal, VERY RARE AND SCARCE! I am selling it becuase i some money to finish my car, Had some surface rust but i cleaned it off. $350 Email for pictures
  4. I am looking for the flat ones for the 20ince wheel that say ford, and also looking for the late 31 hubcap for the wire wheel that was larger car nut
  5. Looking for hubcaps for a 1928 model aa ford the flat ones for the wire wheel send pictures to zabeltrucking@myclearwave.net car nut
  6. looking for a(n) origional AR 1928 model a ford banana pop out switch preferbly both cable and head, but i need the cable most of all send pictures to zabeltrucking@myclearwave.net Car nut
  7. Looking to buy a(n) orgional 1928 banana pop out switch for an AR, prefer cable and head, but i need the cable and end most of al Send pictures to zabeltrucking@myclearwave.net Thanks car nut
  8. Hi i recently bought a load of parts and this was in it. what is it and what does it go to? it weighs about a pound and it looks like a hubcap or a steering wheel center. how much is it worth? it is for sale is about two inches across. car nut
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