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  1. i have everything but the red tail lense and the two brackets that go over the gas tank what is this thing worth the way it is and what would it be worth completed
  2. hi im brandon i had been cleaning out my granfathers farm and found a scooter under some stuuf no motor but not in bad shape was about to scrap it when i decided to look on the internet and found it was a doodlebug i later found a motor in the barn still on wood blocks never started with the briggs tag still on it from my research i believe its from the later model wondering if anyone can tell me if i should restore it it had been sanded down a little bit but over all in very good condition all i am missing is the red lense from the tail light and the two clamps from the gas tank i bought a new seat i was wondering if i should just put it back together and keep it the way it is or strip it down and do a full redo i think this was the model c numbers from the engine are model np type 306715 serial 713826 on the tag on the neck read model says nothing serial 153290 type w 1046 and a triangle inside a circle my grandfather also gave me the owners manual to it and the original pa title and actually i just looked at the title and it says the engine # and its the same as the engine thats on the blocks so any help would be good im going to try to upload some pics
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