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  1. have several v12 engines and gas tanks. both runnung engines when removed for restoration email me @ have many other parts for the 46
  2. have 2 sets of chrome for the 48.all pieces front and rear. what all do you need? email me at alvan
  3. have a set of fenders from a 1947-same fenders. email me with any other parts you may need at alvan
  4. do you have a 190sl body? please email me at thanks alvan
  5. still looking for 37 3 window. price is $39000. rust free very good chrome, excellent interior. paint is cracking but is ok alvan
  6. will be in ft myers thursday morning and would like to talk with you about upholstery work you mentioned please cal me at 813 789 5295 so we can arrange a time thanks\alvan
  7. sent a reply last month. you mentioned that you still do upholstery. have several needing that send me a phone #. I will be coming down your way next several weeks al email 190sl
  8. what is the price for the car? please email me @ thanks al
  9. will look for the brackets you need wil need upholstery work shortly 42 lc conv top installed 42 zephyr top installed also let me know what car patterns you have as we work on models how do you charge- do you work only part time on the work or stay on it until completed thnks alvan
  10. these cars are very rare and very sought after if restored completely. if not restored completely probably will spent more than the car is worth. however, if done correctly and completely, they can bring in excess of $125,000. how complete is the car.. also a parts car would be very beneficial and save you tons of money and time. I have a complete one and a fairly complete one.whch someday I will get around to doing. what is the price on the one you are looking at, and how complete is it. where are you located, I.m in Tampa fl regards email me at al
  11. i have 2 lc convertible parts cars that will be for sale shortly, 46-48 although the chrome is different than your 42 most of the body, engine and mechanical parts are the ame we are completed the restoration of a 1942 lc convertible and would have been lost without the parts cars if interested let me know. we are in Dade City fl, just north of Tampa al