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  1. Need left and right hood side panels for a 39 series 90 call Mike 540-303-1028
  2. Is the engine and transmission still available? Mike
  3. Wanted Exhaust Manifold for a 1931 Packard standard, Thanks, Mike
  4. wanted, exhaust manifold for 1931 Packard standard, thanks Mike
  5. Thanks for the info John. I will contact him, and I enjoyed the visit as well. Workin on old cars and talkin old cars, how cool is that !
  6. Need Exhaust Manifold for 28 Buick Standard. A Vendor At The Charlotte Nationals Had One For Sale, Any Help Locating Him Appreciated. My Manifold Cracked On The Infield At The Show. Thanks
  7. Hi Keiser31. Nice Cartercars! I was fortunate to have trimacar inform me of a 1913 Cartercar Touring for sale in Pa. a few years back. What a neat car. If the old car Gods continue to smile upon me, and the wallet doesnt get to light, we are going to attempt the Richmond tour this fall. Are your cars up and running for California? Ok, I have to ask. What are you asking for the Cartercars?
  8. Hello, Mike here with a 1928 Model 28-29 Town Brougham. I am fortunate to have the history of the Buick from day one. My purchased began in the fall of 1989,but the deal was not sealed until 1994.The old girl completed her first Glidden in 1995 in Reading, PA. Certification in the AACA HPOF followed. Since then 6 Gliddens and many national and local show followed, the most recent Fall Bristol. I have always wanted to show her at a Buick National and certify in the archival class, but things never worked out. 2012 Charlotte is on the books. Hope to see ya there.
  9. After calling the local parts store to check their inventory of Cartercar parts i decided to bid. Not down on luck but a lucky find. Check out the story of my Cartercar in the July August Volume 75 #4 issue of Antique Automobile. With luck after sorting the "pile", might be a Cartercar Speedster in the works? Moreover, thanks again go to George Gagle, he has truely displayed what this hobby is all about!
  10. After hearing about the auction, a great guy whom I have never met was driving from Missouri to Nebraska with a empty trailer. Not only has he agreed to haul the bounty to my doorstep but he also was a stand in bidder for me on the mobile phone. We were sucessful in purchasing the Cartercars! I cant wait to see the goods. Thanks George!
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