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  1. Thanks, Boos-Herell had a air cleaner assembly, it should soon be arriving, just wonder maybe its the original my 46 Lincoln had many years ago. They sure do have a great variety of parts for old Lincolns.
  2. I have a 46 Lincoln Continental 66H. I recently got the Linxoln, and it currently has a Holly Carb, with an aftermarket chrome air filter on top, not an Oil bath air cleanser. What is the stock air cleaner on this car. The Operator manual specifies oil bath. I want to get an original air cleaner assembly and wonder what to look for. I see V12 engines with a air cleaner assembly with a curved pipe from the carb going across the left head with the canister attached. Is this a Oil bath air cleaner and could it be attached to my exixting Holly carb. I was hoping to use just a regular air
  3. I checked the flasher fuse, it looks good. Still no light on turn signal when it is turned to left or right. Bulbs are both good too. Still puzzled.
  4. I have a 46 Lincoln Continental. The parking lights all light up. When turn on the turn sigal I get no blinking turn signal. I wonder if it is the flasher or the column switch. I get no indicator light on the speedometer turning signal indicator either. Any suggestions. Tom
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