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  1. I'm looking for someone to transport a non running 37 buick from Mayville Wisconsin to Benicia Ca thanks Leo unterraza@yahoo.com 707-771-9744
  2. Its probably too late but vie been trying to get a car from Mayville Wisconsin to Benicia Ca non running buick. Don't know if you would have been able to haul this but please let me know if it is too late thanks Leo 707 771 9744 or unterraza@yahoo.com
  3. Does anyone know if a 1937 buick special engine fit in a 1937 century car? Thanks Leo...
  4. Does it run? The only reason I ask is I'm trying to get a vehicle from Wisconsin to northern Ca for about a month now and most drivers don't want to transport a vehicle for the "standard" price that does not run. I'm still waiting.
  5. I'm getting the original engine restored and someone has a special close by and I thought I could put it in the mean time. That's all.
  6. Does any one know if a 1937 special engine 248 fit in a 1937 century car? Thanks Leo