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  1. Thanks John! Yeah, I'm beyond pleased with this car. Well made, excellent fit and finish, and so much fun to drive
  2. Hyundai Elantra- it's ok, but it's no Buick?
  3. So I've had the Cascada for 3 months now. I've put just over 1,600 miles on it, about 1/2 of that was a trip down to my moms in Northern VA. Best car I have ever owned by far. My whole mood changes whenever I get into it, even to go for a dr. visit. Have about 2 more months of driving pleasure 'til I put it away for the winter.
  4. Great looking car! Best of luck to you
  5. Wish he was on here more. He is active on the Buick Fireball Eights FB page though
  7. not mine
  8. Oh yeah, I can see that!
  9. There are only 6 body colors available- a black metallic, white, silver, toasted coconut, gray, and the blue. As far as the top color lol
  10. I picked up my new 1SV yesterday. The dealer was able to find the exact model and color combo that I wanted at another dealer in Rhode Island, and was able to do a swap for it. The finish is like a sheet of glass. Car handles and rides great, and is a blast to drive. Wifi too!
  11. Just picked mine up this afternoon. Love it!! Will start a thread on it sometime this weekend- So much to absorb l!!
  12. Ordered a new Cascada this week (blue base model) Picking up on Friday Super psyched!!
  13. What a great story!! Best of luck w/ the car!
  14. Ha ha! 8 more months to SS!!
  15. 40 yrs would work too!! But not likely ha ha
  16. Good points Bernie! I'll takes my chances though. It's a convertible, first year model, and hopefully my grandkids will be smart enough to make something on it
  17. I'm planning on getting a blue base model, which goes for 33 and change, baby the hell out of it w/ no winter driving. I'm 61 years old, so hopefully this one will last for the rest of my days
  18. This is the only color that I like. Right now the dealers in my area are looking for full sticker. I'm hoping that as summer goes on, the price will come down some