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  4. Looking good!! As a New Yawker, I couldn't miss the parking ticket in the original photo lol
  5. It's a blue car. Meguiars sounds like the way to go. Is the ultimate a liquid or paste or available in both? I have questions about claying, but I'll talk about that later
  6. Hey all. Looking for a good quality non-abrasive wax for my Cascada. Was looking at Griot Garage, but really want something that I can do without using a machine Thanks
  7. Excellent issue to say the least!
  8. And the engine is made in Hungary. It's a Vauxhall in the U.K. Not sure if it's sold in Canada yet, but I heard it is or will be sold as a Buick there.
  9. I must confess that I was somewhat leery about buying the Cascada, since I knew nothing at all about Polish auto manufacturing methods/quality. But, I decided to take a chance and couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  10. Which ornament? I have a nice front ornament for a '52, which I believe is the same.
  11. I belong to a BBQ thread that was very active 'til facebook took off. Now, there's been maybe 1 post in the last 2 months. This (Buick) forum still does very well IMHO
  12. What a great trip! Love the Wigwam! Enjoy!
  13. Local pickup only in Putnam Valley NY. Needs small patch in lower rear and above headlight. Wheelwell included if desired. Gas tank has 2 small holes that need repair. Will hold til Oct. 7. PM if interested
  14. Local pickup only in Putnam Valley NY. Needs small patches on lower rear and above headlight. Wheel well included if desired. Will hold until October 6. PM if interested
  15. One thing to consider unfortunately is emissions. Before I bought mine, I toyed with the idea of buying one from a dealer in Florida and driving it back home, as the prices there would work for me. But after looking into it a bit, a Fla. car would not meet NY emissions requirements. My dealer got mine from a Rhode Island dealer, which worked