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  1. I have a trunk pan, but it's for a Super, and won't fit your Special. Sadly, nobody to my knowledge makes these
  2. Yes, that's a Buick Cascada. Looks exactly like mine-same color, interior etc.
  3. You can largely avoid Hartford by taking 84 to 91 to 691 later picking up 84 again
  4. Somebody got a good deal on this-sale price $12,710
  5. Super rare
  8. Bobs Automobilia sells them
  9. I saw this on Varney and Co. this morning. I wonder what will become of the Cascada, which is also marketed under Opel and Vauxhall badges
  10. Good commercial. I've seen his show too.It's pretty good
  11. Yes, the Cascada will be available in "pull me over red" this year
  12. Its NY twin is sitting in the garage for the winter
  14. Agreed-way off topic. I'll weigh in after I finish it, which will be a while with Christmas coming up and all but I'm guessing that we have 2 totally different political philosophies
  15. Well, I'm enjoying it. Nice to get away from the digital heroin now and then
  16. Funny that you mention Ayn Rand. I'm about a third of the way through Atlas Shrugged!
  17. Mine is 6 months old today. I am beyond pleased with this car. Putting it away for the winter soon