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  1. So, I’ve had this car for just over 18 months. It’s going into the garage today til spring. Have just over 7,500 miles on it and it still looks like new. Aside from a convertible top adjustment, and a glitch or 2 w/ the infotainment system, it’s been awesome!!
  2. NY needs to raise more revenue for all the new signs for the new bridge that King Andrew had to name after daddy ?
  3. Here's a link to it. I'm not too proficient w/ copy and paste on my iphone
  4. There’s a thread on this topic called “big brother is watching “ in the our cars and restoration projects section
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ?
  6. Yes, this ones been kicking around for a while
  7. Radio repair Alan Kriss 416 Norris Brook Rd Middlebury Center, Pa. 16936 (570) 376-3952
  8. I know the 52 that I had had the number on the frame, but it was under the wheelwell, so it was not visible on the fully assembled car
  9. The upholstery and top don't look so hot, and no pics underneath
  10. Which one do you need? The bombsite or the front of hood?
  11. Not Joe Pepitone of NY Yankees fame?
  12. Ouch! Coulda bought 4 new Skylarks back in the day for that money...
  13. I used to have a '52 Super Convertible. The shop manual said that the serial # was near the master cylinder also. It wasn't. It was on top of the drivers side frame rail way in front. I could not find it until I removed the wheel well, and there it was
  15. Seller doesn't specify which series this is for, but I looked up the part # in my book-It's for a Special (series 40) Looks decent at a good price
  16. It'll be nice that you'll likely see it around on occasion