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  1. A high alcohol content beer just called "Super"
  2. Hi, I'm Dave and new to this forum. I live in NY and retired 4 months ago. I love all '49-'54 American cars but am partial to GM's. When I retired I bought a '52 Super convertible off of e-Bay that needs a complete restoration. The floor is completely shot but the car is pretty complete. It needs few parts, and I have already gotten some of what I need from e-Bay. I was wondering if anybody knows of a good restoration shop in lower NY? I basicly need them to do the floor and the interior. Thanks much!!
  3. Small world lol. Grew up on Long Island and lived on the Island and Queens in my younger adult yrs. Only moved here about 12 yrs. ago
  4. Oscawana Lake Rd. Where in Westchester?
  5. The big issue is the floor is shot. Frame is really solid though
  6. Thanks!! Here'a a small picture of it. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at posting photos. One thing I'm happy about is that I only have a few parts to look around for
  7. Hey guys, just joined this forum. I recently bought a '52 Buick Super convertible that needs total restoration. Will wait about 6 months to get started on it, but can't wait!!
  8. I recently picked up a '52 super convertible which needs total restoration. Would never modify it as my late beloved uncle had one just like it. Great childhood memories of him driving us to the beach in it!! in.QUOTE=imported_JohnD1956;590698]As a barn find this would be priceless. Which causes me to wonder if it wouldn't be just a bit more fun to reconstruct one today? One that had say, a 401 with fuel injection and a 4 speed and open driveline? Maybe a set of bucket seats, and a modern electrical system that could support an A/C and decent sound system? Hmmnn, Now where can one lay their hands on a 52 Super convertible that's ruined enough to convert and solid enough to stay converted? (I sense a membership in the Modified Division coming along.)