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  1. Yes, the blue one is mine. For some reason, I couldn't add text to the photo.
  2. Some did, some didn’t. I also remember looking over my right shoulder to check the right side blind spot.
  3. Plenty of Shell stations here in my part of N.Y. 2 within 10 minutes of our house
  4. Picture #2 is Lefferts Blvd. in Queens NY. My old stomping grounds. Except for the cars and streetlight, it still looks pretty much the same today.
  5. '53 is different. Block letters vs. script on the '51 and '52. Good luck. these are hard to find in good condition and expensive when you do find one
  6. Just realized I have one of these too.
  7. I agree with the above ranking. Weird that Oldsmobile got a V8 4 yrs. before Buick though
  8. Hey, Tim. Saw your moms photo with the Buick on a fb page-basically it’s cars, trucks, and motorcycles from ‘40s-60’s
  10. Congratulations! I worked in Family Court the last few years of my Court system career. The court sent some kids to Green Chimneys residential treatment center. It always had a good reputation and the kids sent there seemed to do well
  11. Except for leisure suits and Nehru shirts.... Those suckers are never coming back!
  12. On the ‘52 I used to have, It was on the the top of the drivers side gooseneck about a foot back. It was covered by the wheel well, and was not visible until I removed that sheet metal ( not near the master cylinder as stated in the shop manual)
  13. An excellent price for a very hard to find piece
  14. Hi, I have a pair of new re-pop peeps, if that’s what you’re looking for. They’re for a ‘52, but I think they’re the same. Nice car btw!
  15. If it doesn’t stick, it ain’t snow. And if there’s no salt on the road, it REALLY ain’t snow?