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  1. Been wondering what kind of car this is since i was a little kid. Internet searches tried with no results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVgI46ZU36k
  2. Every single thing wears; cam lobes, lifter faces, push rods both ends, both ends of the rocker arms and the lower half of the rocker arm shaft hole. Pushrod and rocker arm pushrod seat wear can be severe, assuming no lifters are collapsed the highest % noise generating potential is found in the wear of those two components. The shafts also develop visible wear but I haven't had that factor in on mine. Everything is available, at considerable cost. If you perform a valve job only, this is one instance where you advise the machinist to not equalize valve stem height to shortest corrected height
  3. Your problem is a common occurence for 1949-1950 Oldsmobile owners equipped with AA carb. The AA carb is simply just another zinc die-cast carburetor in use in 2012 with evolving gasoline formulation, with most pump gas now formulated for fuel injected vehicles with electric primary and/or booster fuel pump designs. The accelerator pump is a center actuated diaphragm design (reminding one of later Holley design) located at the bottom of the carb body assembly. This location means any water in the fuel whatsoever will come to rest within the pump cavity, causing even short storage failure of t
  4. Don't scrap that trans, and here is why. If it is indeed a 1962 TF, it will have a aluminum case, cable shift for push-button range selection AND the parking brake drum assy on output shaft, or provision for it if missing. This is a one year only transmission, and hard to find if you need it or want it. I say 'want' because this one year transmission has no internal parking pawl meaning you set to neutral, stop engine and set this drum parking brake with foot pedal to hold car in parked position. It was and is a terrible system with drivers of these cars later customarily carrying chocks on th
  5. Dexron is correct. Access is on passengers side floor, on side of hump - CW
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