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  1. A friend of mine thought that I might be interested in the screen saver that he added to his phone, he saw the photo on Facebook and thought that it was a great shot. I had to inform him that it was my car !
  2. By the way, these frames are free if you would like them.
  3. I would like one but it's gotta' be large enough to hold a rocks glass for my scotch and soda. That's why I drive with my wife and have her hold it for me. Ray ('64 Riviera)
  4. I have four used license plate frames from "Putnam Buick Oklahoma City 23-BUICK" that I will happily give to someone who can use them. Free stuff, what a deal ! Send me your info if you would like them. Ray in Oklahoma City, 1964 Riviera (but it came from Tulsa, let me know if you have a Chick Norton Buick frame, I'd like one for my Riv)
  5. I have some nice chrome interior parts for a 1958 Fleetwood Special. Includes are a pair of domelamps, seat mounted grab handles, chrome heater grilles and kick panel mounted air outlets, rear power window switches with bezels and more. Here is the eBay link: 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special 60S Interior Part - eBay (item 120680234481 end time Feb-10-11 17:30:00 PST) Feel free to contact me for any more info. Ray
  6. Thanks for your response Jim. This sort of surprises me as I would have thought that the up and coming executive would have wanted a two-door hardtop as loaded as can be. I do agree with your assessment that if I cannot find a Coupe deVille that has the options that I want I can always add them later. I did see a '61 Coupe deVille with all of these options and bucket seats (I prefer the bench on the Cadillacs) last year so I know that they are out there, they must be few and far between. Ray
  7. As I will be in the market to purchase a 1961 or 1962 (most likely a '62) Cadillac 2-door in the next couple of years, I have been looking at what is out there currently. I am hoping to find a car that is restored or super clean original, one that is ready to drive and use. My one caveat is that this two-door is really loaded . I am looking for what I hope to be a Coupe deVille with a/c, and full power including p/vw, p/dl, Guidematic, cruise control, trunk release and pull-down, foglamps, etc. I don't seem to see too many coupes equipped this way, mainly Eldorado Biarritz (too bad they dropped the Seville in '61, that's probably what I would be looking at) and Fleetwood 60S models. Am I looking at something that may be more difficult to find than I imagined ? Somebody must have wanted a loaded two-door hardtop when these things were available new. Thanks in advance, Ray (1964 Riviera, and it's loaded !)
  8. Whoa ! Check out how the right side of the lower dash drops down to reveal a hidden aftermarket radio. This Riv has some nice touches ! Ray
  9. You got it Al ! Coral Mist/White '64 (you should get one !). This was taken when my wife and I were in Dallas a couple of years ago for Christmas and I wanted a photo of the old Riv at Dealey Plaza. Well, I dropped her off to take the photo, drove back around and unbeknownst to me, she waved me on, switched the camera to video and "pulled a Zapruder" on me. Ray
  10. This is a great example of how small the '65 Gran Sport community is. If you are looking at a '65 GS, chances are someone here has prior knowledge of that same car. Nice work Tom, I'm not gonna buy another high profile Riviera without checking on this site. Ray
  11. My favourite short video to post on November 22nd, filmed at Dealey Plaza in Dallas (no disrespect intended, just a nice period-type piece). Login | Facebook
  12. Greetings, I just joined the AACA a couple of days ago and did some digging around and saw these two photos and am proud to say "Hey, that's my car !". I have owned this car for about 10 years, purchased from the 85 year old second owner (the original owner was the sellling dealer's wife who instead of getting a new Buick each year, kept this '64 until 1970) and it goes everywhere. It is Coral Mist with White Custom interior, a/c, p/w, p/seat, rear armrest, p/trunk release, Guidematic, AM/FM, wood wheel, cornering lamps, cast aluminum spinner wheelcovers, 4-note horn, Electro-Cruise, rear limited slip and soon to be installed power vent windows. I missed the past few ROA Nationals but plan on being at Branson in 2011 . Ray
  13. Okay guys, I like what you're saying here and I really like this theory for a few reasons. It's something that I can check pretty easily, if that's the problem it won't cost me any more money and I won't come home smelling like rear axle fluid again ! Plus, I can easily see it as a mistake that I would have made. If I had replaced the axle bearing only I should focus on that but since I wanted to make a big difference of before the car went on the hoist and after ...... That's right, I replaced the four wheel cylinders, all of the brake hoses, shocks, front and rear wheel bearings and of course, all of the brake shoes. I will pull the wheels tomorrow and I am betting that I will find what youse guys suggest. Nice work. Ray
  14. No interference on the backing plate, the brake shoes are set correctly (I was worried that the drum that I resurfaced was so distorted that it was siezed on the shoes but luckily that wasn't the case) and I reinstalled the axles as the same side to which I removed them (I assume that they are the same length anyway), I think that I must have pressed the bearing and retainer too far onto the axle shaft. I just hope that I can move it back without damage to the bearing or retaining ring. Thanks, Ray
  15. Greetings, I just joined the AACA a few minutes ago and I already have an odd question. I recently replaced both rear axle shaft outer bearings on my 1964 Riviera. The left side is all fine but the right side .... After adjusting the new rear brake shoes and installing the drum (freshly turned) it rotates just as it should, with a the right amount of drag. Now when I bolt up the wheel, it won't rotate at all . The tire is not hitting the exhaust and when I install the drum only and snug it down, it won't rotate . I have since added a washer over each wheel stud, in between the axle flange and the drum just to move the car and that seems to work . My guess is that I have pressed the axle bearing onto the shaft too deeply (too near the inside of the axle flange) but I did not think that it was possible to do that, that the bearing could not press on too far . Has this happened to anyone one else, or just poor lucky me ? Thanks in advance for your help, I will try to press the bearing back towards the center and pray that I don't damage my new bearing and/or locking ring. Ray (1964 Riviera, Coral Mist/White/Loaded !)