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  1. I haven't used either but I didn't think you could get the Eelco anymore. Also from the talk on the various boards it seems that bendstens may be a better fit and finish. Again I have no firsthand experience with either...yet.
  2. I'm 32. I have a 65. In the process of replacing the funked up non-original 401 with a 66 425. It's a shared project between my father, who's 64, and I.
  3. Doesn't the nail weigh several hundred pounds more than a pontiac v8 too?
  4. Bill I just realized that you had asked for some pics. Sorry bout that. Yours look just about the same as mine except that my speaker grills are a little smaller than yours. Nice work.
  5. I just went through this on mine. The front dash speaker was missing so I made a plate and mounted two 4 inch Infinity speakers in there. The previous owner mounted cheap 4x10's in the rear armrest. I replaced them with a higher quality set. I have a pioneer headunit mounted in the dash ( I bought a second dash section and kept the other with my original). The setup sounds real good when I am cruising but I imagine the sound quality would diminish once some butts are in the rear seats blocking those speakers. Truthfully the fronts provide the best sound quality anyway. I considered building a sub-woofer enclosure for behind the original rear speaker grill if I needed more bass but I found my current set-up suits me fine.
  6. What are the details on your build?
  7. Tom T told me a while ago that I think big car variable boxes up to 76ish will interchange. I think they were around 16:1 ratio. I'll have to double check the info when I find it.
  8. I use Grundy. Generally happy with them but I don't know their policy on garages.
  9. In addition to what Ed posted I believe the other factor which influences the ability to run without hardened seats is the relatively low spring pressures run in the Nailheads.
  10. Nick I did a B&M shift kit on my 65 when I did the filter change. I put it on the lowest setting because I wanted slightly firmer shifts. I have not driven it much since then but was satisfied with the outcome. It was pretty straight forward. I have done a few on various vehicles and as long as your methodical it should not take more than an hour or two as it only changing things in the valvebody. I would imagine the rebuild kit is just that... all the bands and clutches etc to change the wear items on the trans. This would require removal and disassembly of the transmission itself.
  11. Yellowriv, I too am trying to get more of a feel in my steering. I don't know that the alignment adjustment mentioned by Rivnut will change the one finger steering that these cars came with factory. It may help but in my case I am getting my box rebuilt anyway due to wear and tear and am going to have the ratio and assist changed. Most reputable box rebuilders can do this.
  12. I'm not sure on the interchange between the early and later 400's. When I did my tranny filter last year I had to use a metal canister type filter that was specific to the first few years of this tranny. It was not the more common flat filter. I would check this before possibly purchasing the wrong part.
  13. Wow. I would think the spring rate would be higher for an A/C equiped car. I wonder what the logic is behind that?
  14. I've had good luck with my local Advance Auto. I reluctantly bought a replacement starter last year thinking it probably wouldn't fit and to my surprise it went in fine and no issues to date with it.
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