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  1. Length 10 3/4" not including the bracket. Thanks to all for your help. Dennis
  2. I have a Delco trumpet horn, marked 12V 926. The complete part number may be 9000926. The stamping is blurred and it might be 928. I think it is from the '60's, but I can't identify, or find catalog. Can anyone help? Thanks. Dennis
  3. Would appreciate help in id of this bezel and lenses. The top lens has STOP embossed in the lens. Many thanks, Dennis Akerman
  4. I just had a message from AACA forum saying I had a private email regarding the Buick tranny. When I look for it in Private Messages there is nothing there. If you see this, and are the one who emailed, please email me at: dennis@caddyparts.com I still have the tranny. Dennis
  5. Hi, I have one. Good used, with the shaft...surface rust, but looks like it's all ok. $40. Email me dennis@caddyparts.com if interested. Dennis
  6. Hi, I don't know if would help, but I have one NOS 1942 Cadillac parking lamp, complete with body, lens, bezel, pigtail...if interested, email me, dennisa@metrocast.net
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