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  1. are you people kid ing with me? i am just asking if anyone knows if there is another crank, off another car that would work on my car, not vice grips.
  2. anyone know what will work, other than a origional, window crank for a 1928 DB.
  3. thanks guys, i have just ordered a new float chamber seat valve, will post when i try it. good luck to me. ha-ha...thanks again for your replies ...gino
  4. thank you john but there are no springs inside the gas chamber or mechanism, and i do not see a place for springs. it appears to me that it is controled by gravity and the force of the float. ps it is a stewart carb series H-27550 made by detroit carb co. if that is of any help....thank you...gino ...sent pic may help.
  5. thank you jim. i did have a hole in the float, ok now, gas still runs out of the top of the float chamber, would a better gasket help or would the gas just flow into the carb? is there an adjustment for the float? when i remove the top of chamber, float is at very top, needle valve looks good. thanks gino
  6. does anyone know where the 2 lines go on top of my 28 DB fast4 gas canister. one of the lines has a plug.. the other goes down the side of tank. also would the lines not conected to anything, would this cause flooding and overflow at the carb. thanks.. i have pic att showing the lines...
  7. does anyone know where i can sell a 1928 DB fast 4 with correct eng. this car is all origional, untouched, no upgrades, runs great, looks great, under the car looks like new, older paint but good, insides new, the car looks a lot better than the pic. show i live in Florida. sonig1@embarqmail.com
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