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  1. Hello, does anyone know where I can purchase an aluminum intake manifold for a 340 engine? (1967 buick lesabre)
  2. I finally found a 1968 Buick Lasabre hardtop frame that is idenitical in wheel base. Will have to reinforce the side rails for use as a convertible frame. Any one know what the cast numbers are on the body mounts for a 67 or 68 lesabre? Trying to find some replacement body mounts. Thanks
  3. I need towing for a non-running 1967 buick lesabre convertible from alberta canada to Greensboro NC.
  4. The current frame is rusted on both sides behind the front tires almost completely through. holes about 3 to 4 inches wide on the sides and soft enough on the bottom surface that jacks completely make it crumble. The rest of the frame seems to be ok.
  5. Apparently the 67 lesabre convertible frame is hard to find. They only made 3000 or so that year. I have checked with this vendor before and he does not have any or know of anyone that does. I found one in arizona, but it cost more to ship it than it does for the part.
  6. Hello Philippe I found this post back from 2002. Would I have a problem using the frame, drive train, and suspension from a 1968 wildcat convertible with a 1967 Lesabre convertible body. Thanks for any insight,
  7. After a little more research I found out that the wildcat 67, 68 body is the same as the the lesabre except for the front fender. It's 3 inches longer. I wonder how or where I might need adjustments using the 68 wildcat (convertible) frame with the 67 lesabre body if at all?
  8. Yes looking at the specs. and adjustment page from the 1967 fisher body manual, shows the length of the frame is made up of three measurements. (U) - Center of Chassis sheet bolt to center of number 2 body mount bolt. The Lesabre measures 43 7/16, Wildcat measures 46 7/16. The other two length measurements are identical. (V) - 71 1/16 Center of number 2 body mount bolt to center of number 4 body mount. (W) - 72 1/16 Center of number 4 body mount bolt to center of number 7 body mount. Also the frame widths are identical front and rear. I believe the frame is the same with differring mount ho
  9. I finally found a 1968 Buick Wildcat convertible frame and everything seems to measure up. I will now be looking to replace the Body Mounts, update the rear and front suspension parts. Any suggestions on some good suspension kits and vendors?
  10. Hello I need help getting a car frame from AZ to Greensboro, NC. Please call or respond to email if comming this way. 336 7076394 Thanks
  11. I have a 67 Lesabre convertible that needs the frame replaced. I was wondering if anyone knew if a 67 wildcat 2 door hardtop frame would work or a 67 gran prix convertible frame was interchangeable? Also wondering if there were others that I could use as a replacement? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Restoring a 1967 Lesabre. Hopefully someone has a frame.
  13. Hi dan looking for a steering wheel for 1967 Lesabre convertible and a frame.
  14. Please call me at 336 7076394 to talk about possible sale price of frame. Thanks
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