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  1. Here's a link to my PhotoBucket album, the first 4 photos should help. I can't vouch for the rod's originality, but it's all I have. It's a two piece affair, with at least the bottom part being iron cover by a brass tube rather than just a brass tube alone. Over the years the iron has expanded and split the brass tube. One photo shows the joint nut. The frame connection seems to be a cast or forged "eye" welded to an iron or steel rod.(much like that found in brake linkage) The window connection is simply the hollow brass tube that was flattened and a hole drill through it. http://photobucket
  2. Mark, I have both a 1912 Model 35 (touring) and a Model 36 Roadster very similar to yours. Here's a pic of the fire wall and the windshield brackets. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need pics or dimensions of anything.
  3. Only snaps of it sitting/hidden in the garage. I have to pull it out to get another car ('66 Mustang) out soon I could (weather depending) take pics then. Is there anything specific you were looking for?
  4. I inherited a model 35 and 36 Buick. The 36 runs, the 35 is complete. But along with these, I inherited a frame, a differential and part of an engine (two jugs, pistons, upper crankcase, possibly a camshaft and crank) and a transmission. The transmission I want to hold onto until I'm sure the 35 is up and running, but the differential, frame and engine are really surplus. I'm pretty sure the whole mess was once a 1914 Buick as there are gear teeth on the flywheel. (I'm not certain when electric starts came to Buick and when the 165cid 22.5hp engine was discontinued, so feel free to correct
  5. Okay for some reason the avitar is not showing up so I thought I'd just post the pic http://i587.photobucket.com/albums/ss319/Les_Newcomer/Buick12web.jpg
  6. Hi, my name is Les Newcomer and while I"m new to the forum I'm not to Buicks. For the first 18 years of my life the 1912 Model 36 Roadster I use as an Avitar was our vacation car. Dad bought it off the farm in '46 was on several Glidden Tours in the 50s and 60s. It went on the first 4 'cross-country' tours in 1968 (NYC to San Fran), 1972 (Montreal to Tijuana), and 1976 (Seattle to Philly). Most of the time I was either navigating, polishing the brass or telling locals where we got our tires and what we did when it rained. And speaking of rain, am a veteran of the Hershey meets/floods of the 1
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