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  1. Thinning the herd in anticipation of a move. 1952 Buick Special straight 8 auto 4 door. All original. Clear original title. I got it running when I brought it home and just drove it today to move it. I purchased a new 6 volt battery and repaired some wiring. I replaced some fuel lines and cleaned the carb. New plugs, wires, cap points, etc. It moves under its own power but the brakes need to be gone through. I have purchased other items for the car including a front visor that goes over the front windshield. I pulled the carpet and it needs new pans. The door sills are good. Origin
  2. Project car. No motor or trans. I bought it to save it from the crusher. It had a nailhead V8 and TH400 in it. The previous owner bought the car for the engine and trans. The car is in pieces and in amazing condition. Amazing for around here anyway. Solid floors. Straight and well built. All stainless and chrome there. Interior complete. Front and rear glass good. New tires. Solid trunk. Spare rim in trunk. I wish my 52 was in good shape like this. Clear title. I'm getting pictures together now. I'm just trying to get back what I have in to it; 1,000.00 + 250.00 tow. Message
  3. John, Agreed. Especially since there are already two Buicks in the works among other things. I do believe this is in response to a teardrop like trailer we saw at a car show recently made from the back half of a 50's vehicle. If, the car is complete though we will find a home for it. Just saving it from the crusher at this point.
  4. Awesome. I have been obsessing over this car. Thank goodness it's finding a home. Congratulations!
  5. I will tuck it away in the garage for now. I have to see the rest of it (stored in a barn at another location). The engine is long gone I believe.
  6. My wife surprised me with this for Father's Day. She's such an old car picker.
  7. Definitely the firewall - passenger side left. It pours out. I'm going to go through it all and flush any nasty stuff.
  8. I was working off of Sugar Creek, in Charlotte, last summer. My town is small. And a PIA. We are remodeling our home. If I leave the saw horses and saw set up on the front porch for more than a few days I receive hate mail. The guy next door was reassembling a 67 Impala, in his yard, for a friend of his last summer. I got a 30 day letter and threat of fines if I did not get it tagged and/or removed. I went to the town office to tell them it was not mine or on my property. They said that it was probably mine because it was old. LOL. Brilliant!
  9. Mike, Yes! That is the plan. I know of an old time rad shop a few towns over. I'm going to try my luck and see if I can beat some of the prices I have researched on here.
  10. I wish that the pans were solid. The drivers's side is an old repair involving lots of caulk. The passenger side has just a few holes. The sills and rockers are solid. Thank you all for the encouraging words.
  11. I got home a little early this evening so I decided to start up the 52 and tinker a bit. I opened the passenger side door after it had been idling for a few minutes to see a growing puddle of antifreeze. Grrrrr... Adding to the list.
  12. What a beautiful find. Congratulations.
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