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  1. Ahhhhh. Thank you both very much. Those front ends do all look the same, but I wasn't quite sure and I have never heard of the '76'. All the others were familiar to me. Thanks again!
  2. a 76? Did they make such a thing as a 76? I think I have the lower front bumper for a Olds "76" or will this bumper fit any Olds in the years 49 to 50? Inside someone took a marker and wrote " Olds 49 76 " Help me out?
  3. Rochester GM 2 Barrel Carburetor 7002900 51 Olds 303 V8 | eBay
  4. OH... thats an 8!! Got it. Thanks. Any idea of the years on that?
  5. I can't find another like it with those circles in the center. Anyone help me?
  6. NUTS!! I have these darn things and they are in such nice shape..... I think I will just list them as unknown OLDS trim. I KNOW they are Oldsmobile. I have nothing else besides Olds parts. Thanks a lot!!
  7. What AIK said!! Works wonderful - guaranteed.
  8. I am pretty sure these are for the Olds, Its the rest that I cannot figure out as to what year and model they are for. Can anyone help me out? One is about 53 inches long the other around 57 long.
  9. I can't find a car that has this trim. I am not sure if these belong to a Chieftain or not or for that matter a Pontiac. Can anyone help me out?
  10. I have afew things. Figured I would start with these, since they are pretty easy to ship and market. LOL I have no clue what to ask for them in price. They are pitted but not bent or cracked. Sorry no glass backs for them. I don't think I have any of those left at all.
  11. OK.... I got a couple of things together but I still cannot find the main body of my parts. We put them away last fall and I have been searching the farm for them for 2 weeks. They must be buried in the boat shed. But, I do have a set of notch backs, door spears, fender spears and some misc. trim that I don't know exactly where it goes on the car. Most likely the windows and one windshield trim. Too many photos to load, so I will just give you access to my photo bucket. Message me if you want to log into it and take a peak at things.
  12. I am pretty sure I have a set of spears. The other 2 items, I am not sure - I have a shed or truck bed with these things in them so give me some time.
  13. I have afew yes.....I think they are more on the Futuramic side... whatever that means. I just can't wrap my head around the 98 - 88 - Fastback - 2dr - 4 dr - Furturamic - I don't want to throw them away, if you have an outlet for them.... they are yours. I think they are better than that. Tom I will call you. Thanks. Peg
  14. I know what the 2 pc look like, these are not it.... msg sent.
  15. BTW.... I have a set that is around 67 - 68 inches long. They do say Futuramic on them. Just wondering what car they go on.
  16. Are there differences with these pieces that go on the rear fenders on the Futuramic from a 2 dr to a 4 door? Are they interchangable or are they in different lengths?
  17. I think I figured them out... they are the ones on the front fenders that run from the headlight to the doors... at the headlight they attach with those little plates - I don't know what they are called but they curve partially against the headlight.
  18. There are so many variations with these Olds - I am totally lost. I am confident that these are Olds spears. But WHERE on the car do they go? And are they Rocket, 88, 98, Holiday UGH!! Frustrating! they have 'ridges' in them and they are about 55 - 56 inches long.
  19. Fratzog? Ooooooookayyyyy. LOL Thanks for all your help!