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  1. Ahhhhh. Thank you both very much. Those front ends do all look the same, but I wasn't quite sure and I have never heard of the '76'. All the others were familiar to me. Thanks again!
  2. a 76? Did they make such a thing as a 76? I think I have the lower front bumper for a Olds "76" or will this bumper fit any Olds in the years 49 to 50? Inside someone took a marker and wrote " Olds 49 76 " Help me out?
  3. Rochester GM 2 Barrel Carburetor 7002900 51 Olds 303 V8 | eBay
  4. OH... thats an 8!! Got it. Thanks. Any idea of the years on that?
  5. I can't find another like it with those circles in the center. Anyone help me?
  6. NUTS!! I have these darn things and they are in such nice shape..... I think I will just list them as unknown OLDS trim. I KNOW they are Oldsmobile. I have nothing else besides Olds parts. Thanks a lot!!
  7. What AIK said!! Works wonderful - guaranteed.
  8. I am pretty sure these are for the Olds, Its the rest that I cannot figure out as to what year and model they are for. Can anyone help me out? One is about 53 inches long the other around 57 long.
  9. I can't find a car that has this trim. I am not sure if these belong to a Chieftain or not or for that matter a Pontiac. Can anyone help me out?
  10. I have afew things. Figured I would start with these, since they are pretty easy to ship and market. LOL I have no clue what to ask for them in price. They are pitted but not bent or cracked. Sorry no glass backs for them. I don't think I have any of those left at all.
  11. OK.... I got a couple of things together but I still cannot find the main body of my parts. We put them away last fall and I have been searching the farm for them for 2 weeks. They must be buried in the boat shed. But, I do have a set of notch backs, door spears, fender spears and some misc. trim that I don't know exactly where it goes on the car. Most likely the windows and one windshield trim. Too many photos to load, so I will just give you access to my photo bucket. Message me if you want to log into it and take a peak at things.
  12. I am pretty sure I have a set of spears. The other 2 items, I am not sure - I have a shed or truck bed with these things in them so give me some time.
  13. I have afew yes.....I think they are more on the Futuramic side... whatever that means. I just can't wrap my head around the 98 - 88 - Fastback - 2dr - 4 dr - Furturamic - I don't want to throw them away, if you have an outlet for them.... they are yours. I think they are better than that. Tom I will call you. Thanks. Peg
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