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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for that information it will make the task easier now. We have restored a 1924 buick tourer. we brought it with supposedly with the mechanics done. Finished the restoration and only had the upholstry to do and as the motor was not running as good as it should.. started to investeigate further and found the engine needed a complete rebuild although some work had been done on it. Are waiting for new pistons and rings to come from America so hopfully it will be trouble free motoring from now on. Many thanks once again Cheers allan
  2. Hi Ben, We need it for the head and the sequience if any for tighting. Cheers Allan
  3. Does anyone have the Torque settings for a 1924 4 cylinder Buick motor Cheers
  4. Hi John, Thanks for that. Our Irons are Metal. They came with the carparts when brought it. and where in pretty poor condition, not sure they even came off a Buick. A lot of work was done on them to restore them. We had to look at others in NZ to see what they looked like but again there are so many different kind in the cars we have seen. I guess getting original parts is getting harder especially in a small country. I guess we can only restore the car to the best of our ability and parts that are available and at least now it will be around for years now to enjoy. This restoration was started 30 years ago and has lots of owners and at last hopefully it will be on the road before Xmas
  5. Hi thanks for that, We have a old copy of a bulletin (Not a clear Picture) which shows the factory where they where made, and they are different again from yours. I think it looks like four squares on each panel and the top going outside the irons. I have looked at a few ones here in NZ ( Home of the Ruby World Champions) and no two are the same. Like your shape. Regards Allan
  6. Hi Could someone post photos of what a 1924 McLaughan Buick 5 seater Tourer, regular side curtains look like. We are nearly finished our restoration and there seems to be various opinions on what they should be like. Any help greatly appreciated
  7. Hi, did some back tracking to one of the previous owners and found the plate that goes on the bulkhead. He had it on his wall in workshop for 23 years. Can just barely read it General Motors Canada Limited. made in Canada Oshawa On...... Model 24 35 REG. Serial NO 83935 Engine NO. 1255325. (which is different from the one we have) It was a great feeling to have found it.
  8. Hi, I am impressed with you guys wealth of information. Thanks again
  9. Hi Dave, Thanks for that information. What exactly is a 30 series. We thought ours was a 1924-35-5 passenger touring. Is it Canadian or American. Cheers Allan
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions and help. There is no plates at all on the firewall or chassis. Will have to do some backtracking and find all previous owners. Interesting about the big glove box on back of front seat, which there is one. Is there any other details that make it a Canadian car.
  11. Hi, thanks for that, we are the fourth owner who has started restoration on it and we cannot find any plates on chassis or fire wall. Is there any match up with chassis number and engine number?. Ours looks like the one in attachment but has wooden spokes. Thanks for the web sites, learned so much already just reading threads
  12. Hi, I live in NZ and restoring a Buick Tourer. I was wondering what year. It is a 4 cylinder and has brakes on all wheels. I can't find the chassis number is there any where that I can find this out from the engine number. I would appreciate any information on where to look on a web site for information on this model. Thank you
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