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  1. Nice car, but why would they use that crappy radiator cap, and not replace the yellow looking fluid jug?
  2. Maybe it's just me, but that is one ugly color combo. Me thinks it will severely affect it's selling price.
  3. Gotta say, that's looking sharp! Luckily a tranny rebuild is pretty straight forward and economical on these cars.
  4. I'm excited as this is the first 911 I have owned. Have wanted one for a while, and have been searching for the right one. Here's what I got. 2007 911 Carrera 6sp manual Meteor Gray w/ Full leather black interior 39k miles The car is in pristine condition. http://luckydriversportcars.com/used-cars/340311-2007-Porsche-911Carrera#.U8SKaVbw7Ro I am excited to start putting some miles on it.
  5. I was able to repair mine. But, I have heard that Waldron's is now making reproduction 1st gen exhaust hangers.
  6. Ed is correct, and I am aware of what he is stating. I guess it's just convenient for most of us to refer to the ride and handling package as the "GS package" That's also how Coil Spring Specialties calls it.
  7. I got my GS spec springs from Coil Spring Specialties as well.
  8. As posted, I got my tires from Diamond Back Classic Tires. They will vulcanize any size whitewall you like.
  9. Yes, when I originally received my set back from Rally America, several of them had some issues with paint runs, and one had an issue with the chrome. They paid for the return shipping, fixed them, and sent them back on their dime. They came back beautiful. I would highly recommend them. BTW, my wheels were a mess before, and they came back better than new. Take a look.
  10. As a rule of thumb, anytime you have a bolt screwing into anything aluminum, you ALWAYS need to use a dab of anti seize. It's cheap insurance.
  11. Wish I could have gone. Keep missing it every year.
  12. David, concrete blocks not a good idea. Even stacked the way they are. I know a guy that killed himself that way. Please DO NOT get under that car. Even off the chassis, that body still weighs well over 1,000 pounds.
  13. Rob J

    Big Cojones

    Depending on how much metal work you need done, but I'd venture at least 10-12k for a "quality" job. BTW, I can recommend a couple of AWESOME Paint and body folks out there in Cali. I wish these guys were closer to me. They are so good, I'm still contemplating sending my car to one of them.
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