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  1. David, concrete blocks not a good idea. Even stacked the way they are. I know a guy that killed himself that way. Please DO NOT get under that car. Even off the chassis, that body still weighs well over 1,000 pounds.
  2. No, it is one molded piece. The clips are used to attach the piece to the front bumper filler/valance body colored steel panel.
  3. David, this is what it looks like. It clips on to the lower valance sheet metal right under the grill. You may have been wondering why that valance has two holes in it.
  4. Ahh, poor baby, you gotta take stuff apart again. LOL, congrats on the headlight motor. Who got you that? You lucky dog you. Nobody ever got me any car related gifts.
  5. Those are the body mount bushings I got David. Sorry I never posted a pic of those. Work's kicked my a$$ these past few weeks. Good thing is, I have one more work day, (tomorrow, Monday) then I'm off until the 6th of Jan. 2014 Yee Haw, will be getting some work on the Riv done. Your build is coming along nicely!!! Keep it up. Doesn't look quite as good as the work I do, but it's not bad. :cool: JK, I'm just messing with ya kid. LOL!!! Happy Holiday's!!!!
  6. My third member often gets me in trouble. Just ask the ex. :cool:
  7. Those are all the originals that were on the car that I restored. I'm fairly certain that Inline tube has the tranny modulator vac hard line. BTW, I have made more progress since these pics, need to update. I'm taking some much needed time off for the holidays, and will hopefully get more work on the car done as well. Looking forward to it.
  8. David, use a photo hosting service, and link the photos here. Easiest way to do it. I use photo bucket. BTW, I'm a Mac user as well. Would never go back to PC. I'm forced to use Windows 8 for work stuff, and it blows!!!
  9. That's what I figured. Got the lines installed. They were bent fairly accurately from In-line tube, but did need a bit of tweaking to get into proper position. I'm not too far away now from starting up the motor on the chassis and breaking it in. Thanks for the positive comments Steele!
  10. Jason, there is no top or bottom in regards to the trans cooler line connections on the radiator. Both line are in the same horizontal plane on the bottom of the radiator. Didn't see anything in the service manual, but will look again. Thanks.
  11. Just got my new lines from Inline Tube. Does it really matter which of the two lines from the trans goes to which port on the lower portion of the radiator? Doesn't really seem to me there is a specific inlet or outlet on the radiator.
  12. UPDATE: OK, after months of not being able to do anything on the car due to a crazy summer and other boring stuff, I have FINALLY have been able to allocate some time to her the last couple of weeks. Got my torque convertor back from the rebuilder, got the engine and tranny married, and got them stuffed back in the chassis as they were done almost 50 years ago by Buick. After dropping in the motor, I have been working on getting the rest of the engine and tranny related parts and pieces back together. She's finally coming along, and she's finally a roller. I ordered a Waldron's exhaust sy
  13. Bringing this to the top. Can anyone recommend a good company to restore my AM/FM radio from my 65? Just verified the numbers Jim posted, and my radio is indeed an original 1965 AM/FM radio. Thanks for that info Jim. One more reason I love this place. Great info via the search function.
  14. I, too, would LOVE to get my hands on an AIM for the 65.
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