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  1. If you like you can email me directly at <> Thanks Dave
  2. I am almost positive that it is the smaller displacement. All the Buick parts except the radio are in Reading, Pa.
  3. There are some excellent pictures on line and it is definitely a Saginaw Cycle car rear, minus one brass Saginaw hub cover. My daughter will be home from college and will be bringing her digital camera. As to other parts, I'll be checking the hunting camp shed/basement. The rear is not in the best condition, but restorable. Dave
  4. My daughter is at college and she has the digital camera. We expect her home for Thanksgiving. I am getting many inquiries from other publications. Wayne,In your opinion, what should I ask for this rear? axle hubs wheels tires and one Saginaw hubcap Thanks, Dave They are not in the best condition, But restorable.
  5. For Sale: 1949 Buick motor and trans that I pulled out of a running demolition derby car 25 years ago. I've tripped over it too many times! 650 dollars I believe I have a radio floating around also. You can email me at
  6. I have a farm barnyard cart made with a Saginaw rear. It is time to put it up for sale.