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  1. I have a series 60 4-door in the garage. Mine is all original, I will post pictures of the running boards. Those look like the original running boards, minus the original rubber, and I dont have the bolt on the end by the fender. If you want I can post pictures
  2. I have a 1940 Series 60 Olds as well and I have found that the wipers do move slower than conventional wipers. I will look through my manuals and documentation to see if I have a configuration for the assembly and operation.
  3. Had her check it out, shipping would be about $30. When they come down I will have them pack up any parts they still have and bring them along. They will come over the border as gifts for me, I will list any parts I can't use and keep you as first on the list of the radio if its still around.
  4. well unfortunately it is in Canada, on an island to top it off...but if ya happen to know someone in Seattle or if your willing to wait til they come out to Chicago later this year or I head there. The same trunk held a few items I laid claim to for my series 60, but I wont be seeing the parts until the summer.
  5. My father recently came across some oldsmobile Emblems and parts in an old trunk and he's put them up on Ebay. Take a look if you're interested, he might have misidentified them Olds Emblems eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices Belmont and 88 Emblems Chromed Oldsmobile emblems | eBay Oldsmobile AM radio 1967 Oldsmobile AM radio | eBay
  6. The Califonia Duster debate I saw was actually between about four different gentlemen. One claimed that the only time they were any good was when they were fresh from the package for a one use deal. The others were arguing about how to use and/or clean it to avoid scratching the paint. I’m in the same boat as Bamford. I let people look at, touch and even climb in my car…however if I restore it that will probably change. I figure that I let my son and his friends climb around in her and they haven’t done any damage so far. I have used Rainex on the windows and it does a beautiful job (Especially since the wipers do a crappy job). What is recommended to remove old wax? The previous owner seems to have caked the wax on and never paid much attention to the detailing. I’ve been using an oil based stainless steel polish because its dissolves the caked wax, leaves a protective film and doesn’t seem to harm the paint but I’m sure there is something better out there
  7. I've seen a lot different things at shows and heard different opinions on what should and should not be done when prepping your vehicle. The biggest conflict I've seen is regarding the use of California dusters. I want to see what people do to prep for a show. What do you use? Favorite product or trick?
  8. just looked up Conoco, they don't say one way or the other about ethanol, however they do say " Conoco contains over two times more detergent additive than the EPA mandate. That means it helps your car maximize its mileage, lower its emissions and helps it perform more like the way it did the day it was made. " I don't know if this is good or bad, guess it depends what those additives are
  9. If the car is in a garage get those sonic repellers...when I am in the garage I unplug them becuase they drive me nuts, but they do keep the rodents away. I am surrounded by cornfields and every winter mice and voles moved into the garage until I got a few of those things...havent had a problem since.
  10. I have several relatives in Alberta and a few of them are into vehicles. I will pass your message on to them, thought I do agree the price seems a little high. Can you give a better idea of where in Southern Alberta? Lethbridge, Medicine Hat..closer to BC or Saskatchewan?
  11. I have used nylons to replace broken belts. Nail polish and wax crayons to cover bare metal. When part of my shifter mechanism broke I drove for a week with a bizzare hook up of bungee cords attached to my rearview to keep the tension and let me shift gears (though I was without reverse for that week). I also repaired a punctured radiator with duct tape and filled it with Mountain Dew...it didnt last us long, but it got us out of the woods and to the highway at least. I've also been to a used car lot where they have sprayed the hoses with a laquer to make them look new and shiny and they put a very light film of oil on the rest of the components to make them shiney as well. Needless to say I walked off that lot quickly.
  12. On 9/11 I was at a car show as a spectator. A group of us were talking with the owner of a newly painted Firebird, who was a vet with two replacement limbs below the knee. Even he didn't know how fast he could move on those things until he saw a young boy running a hotwheel car along the side of his car. Apparently this kid had done it to a few cars while his parents simply stood there. Luckily the Firebird had no damage, I don't know about the rest.
  13. My uncle was a volkswagen mechanic and growing up I frequently had diesel vehicles (79 thru 87). When I was working in alberta for a winter he told me to use 10-15% unleaded fuel mixed with the diesel to make starting easier. I never had a problem. I would think it would still work with the never diesels, maybe a lower percentage.
  14. All I can do is shiver and mourn the passing of another fine vehicle.
  15. Thanks for all the info guys, its been a lot of help and hopefully I make good decisions regarding the maintenance and upkeep of my car without over restoring her. I crawled underneath after work and I definately need to do some front end work before something breaks. So that part will probably be modernized at least to a point. But overall she is still and will hopefully always be original. From what I can tell Bloomington Gold has trademarked "Survivor" but that may only be because noone has bothered to challenge or fight it. I think their definition might be a little too tight (even though my car does seem to fit) but just as many peoples definitions may be a little too loose as well. I think I will just stick with Original as her label for now. This will be an interesting journey for me, until now I have been a mechanic only because I buy cheap junkers that I needed to keep running. I have never done anything like tie rod ends but it is definitely in the near future.
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