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  1. the best heads which are the 330 with a #4 stamp correct??? I've acquired some already so I hope so! LOL I'll have them ported polished with the larger stainless valves and hardened ex seats and keep driving with no down time, and those are the heads I have on the engine now too. Or, what about the Edelbrock aluminum with their intake?? Any feedback or advice since that's bolt on out of the box and can be as good of a deal depending on how much you spend upgrading yours?
  2. I was noticing parts often say not for Pre 67 and I was aware there was a cam angle difference and felt it would be best to know which engine I have, and the only thing I can see on the heads so far is the #4 and I'm certain the Carb is wrong, but it's way better so I'm not complaining, so I had pretty much decided it probably wasn't the original engine and it wasn't a one owner car by any stretch of the imagination. This car could have a 6 cylinder and a three speed on the tree and I'd never complain. The only surprises were good ones with the exception of the possible engine difference,
  3. I'm not a Newbie to Oldsmobiles, but this is my first Classic or Vintage Olds and since I've always been a Chevy man with the exception of my 58 Buick and my GMCs, I'm ignorant regarding early small blocks, however I'm reading great stuff about the 330 engine which is what's in my 65 Cutlass Convertible. The restoration done in the early 80s was well documented and the car was in storage for almost 2 decades but unfortunately the heir to the collector's estate is clueless, and I've found nothing indicating that anything was done except cosmetic work. I've not uncovered the codes on the right
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