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  1. Looking for a Goose Neck for 1931 Model 54 Engine. Notice the mounting holes are not square with the water pump. Engine rebuilder lost the original.
  2. I have for sale Rear Axle Housing and Differential for Studebaker FD
  3. Looking for a differential Pig assembly for 1929 Dictator FC. Nyal Weaver 574 210 1721
  4. Dash Panel out of Studebaker. Not sure of the model or year. Instruments need to be restored. Price $400.00
  5. Looking for an axle for 1929 Dictator FC. Need part number 167443. 574 210 1721
  6. See Ebay " Hudson Dealer Film Strips. I also have Projector and promotional films of the Pre War Hudson that were supplied to the dealers. Nyal Weaver 574 210 1721
  7. I would like to locate or have information on Steve Muntz, Custom Antique Parts, Spokane, WA
  8. Seeking Air Cleaner Decals for 1962 Oldsmobile 98. njwproperties@comcast.net
  9. I have a 1962 Olds 98 with power brake booster I would like to replace the master cylinder with a dual master cylinder. Looking for part numbers, sources for parts and any problems experienced. 574 210 1721
  10. Thanks Gary, I ground a slot in two sides of the retainer and drove off with a chisel. Ordered a Timkin seal # 22 X 38 X 7 V as a prototype. Should have tomorrow. Nyal
  11. Is the seal retainer pressed on or threaded? 1931 Model 54 Is Seal # CR 8660 Correct?
  12. Dave did not reproduce this spring. Thanks Bob. Nyal
  13. As near as we can figure out the part number is 168522
  14. Need a brake spring that attaches to the backing plate and the front shoe. Fits early 32 Model 54, 31 Dictator and Commander. Spring is 5.700" Long, Coil OD .440", Coil ID .275", 16 1/4 coils, Hooks .800" & 3.5" Long, Wire size .080 ". Nyal Weaver 574 210 1721
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